6 Great Ideas For Your Next Picnic

6 Great Ideas For Your Next Picnic

Maybe you want to have a family dinner, but meals around the table are getting a little stale. Maybe you want to meet up with some friends, but the weather is too nice to do something like going to the movie theater. There are many things that you can do which involve the outdoors on a beautiful day, but today, we will be discussing one of our favorites.

We are going to be taking a look at picnics. More specifically, we are going to go over some of the ways that you can make sure that your next picnic is as enjoyable as can be. Bear with us for our ten favorite picnic ideas, covering everything from location to activities and everything in between.

​Make It A Beach Picnic

One of the most enjoyable picnics is a beach picnic. As you may have guessed from the name, a beach picnic is simply a picnic which is enjoyed near a body of water. It doesn't even necessarily have to take place on a beach, especially if you are not a fan of sand getting everywhere.

Picnic on a Beach

The great part about one of these picnics is that your group can go for a swim and then enjoy the food in the relative warmth of the sun. You can even get some tanning in while you enjoy your picnic, so it makes for a great activity to cover the needs of every member of your group.

​Turn Your Picnic Into ​A Camping Trip

If you decide to go out for a picnic, why not go all the way and choose to turn it into a camping trip? Instead of going to the nearest grassy area, go to a nearby campsite, bring all of the things you would typically bring for your picnic and instead enjoy a camping trip with your family or friends.

Picnic turned into a Camping Trip

This is best saved for the weekend, as camping usually means that you will end up staying the night in your chosen area, and no one wants to be pressed to get to work on time after camping. This is an excellent choice if you have nearby campgrounds; otherwise, it may be a little inconvenient.

​Bring Some Music With You

Music can add some extra ambiance to a picnic, so much that it measurably improves your experience compared to a picnic that is lacking in tunes. There are so many possible sources of music while you are outside, so pick the one that works best for your needs.

For example, you can go the classic route and bring along an acoustic guitar and even some smaller drums to play some songs before and after you have eaten. Another option is to bring a wireless speaker with you so you will be able to play music without someone having to devote their attention to anything other than DJing.

​Vary The Food That You Bring

When you are going on a picnic, pack your basket with different types of food. While it may seem easier to pack only sandwiches and call it a day, a picnic should be an extraordinary experience. Don't be afraid of putting a little bit of extra effort into making your picnic even more special.

Vary Food Picnic

The food in combination with the surroundings is the main attraction of a picnic, so ensuring that both of these aspects are covered is the best way to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Try a cheese board with some cured meats and grapes, or bring several different mini sandwiches so everyone can try something else.

​Come Well-Prepared

Going on a picnic and going on a camping trip have one aspect which is critical to both of them, and that is preparation. If you are not prepared for either of these experiences, they will not be fun.

While being unprepared for a picnic isn’t dangerous in the same way that it would be for camping, you are still at risk of ruining the picnic before it even starts.


If you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly, get all of your picnic ingredients in advance, as last-minute shopping almost never works out, especially when something is out of stock. The best way to make sure that you don’t forget about something when getting ready for your picnic is to make a checklist before you leave.

Some of the things you will need for a picnic are a large enough blanket for your group to sit on (or in some cases multiple blankets), a few Kamui camping chairs, a food basket, and more.

​Be Ready To Deal With Insects

One of the main ways that a picnic can quickly go wrong is when it ends up infested with insects of all kinds. Everything from mosquitos to flies will be attracted to your picnic, so you should come ready to deal with them. You have a few options at your disposal when it comes time to eliminate the threat of insects.

The most common choice is bug-repellent spray since it is easy to apply and easy to bring with you. On the downside, it will have to be reapplied from time to time, and it may stink up the picnic. Another option is a portable bug zapper, but these tend to be less convenient, especially when they are used during the daytime.

Mosqito While Camping

Regardless of your methods, you will have to bring some way to keep insects off of your picnic site with you. If you neglect to bring a deterrent with you to remove bugs from your picnic site, it will be quickly spoiled by mosquitos sucking your blood and other insects (such as fruit flies) on your food.


As you can see, there are many options for improving your picnic measurably, and most of the advice we have provided is quite simple. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them down in the comments below.



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