Air Bedding Sleeping Pad vs. Air Mattress

Air Bedding Sleeping Pad vs. Air Mattress

You need a comfortable piece of bedding while you're out camping. While you can spend money on an air mattress, you're better off just buying a sleeping pad. Sleeping pads are cheaper, more affordable, and provide more comfort than your average air mattress.

Today, we'll discuss the benefits and disadvantages between both types of outdoor bedding. We'll compare both bedding options by their price, comfort, and their ease of use. By the end of the review, you'll understand why the sleeping mattress is the superior choice.


Winner: Sleeping Pad

While price isn't always a primary factor, it plays a major role in the buying process. While hiking is a fun hobby, you don't want to spend too much on extra gear. This results in you wasting money on sleeping equipment and accessories that aren't useful for the situation.

Set up a clear budget before buying any sleeping equipment. This strategy helps you find certain bedding material within your price range and saves you money in the long run.

Sleeping on Sleeping Pads Outdoors

Sleeping pads are the winner in this category. On average, you'll pay at least $30 for a functional sleeping pad. Since sleeping pads use fewer materials and are more lightweight, they are cheaper than your average sleeping mattress.

A good sleeping mattress costs approximately $80. While a bed at this price is comfortable, it's too heavy to carry around and utilize than a sleeping pad. Because of this fact, sleeping pads are a better choice for the hiker that's on a budget.


Winner: Air Mattress

Air mattresses serve as an alternative bed. While sleeping pads are comfortable, the bed doesn't have that much supportive padding as an air mattresses. For instance, sleeping pads are smaller and tend to have less width than an air mattress. This makes it harder for the bed to have extra features intended to comfort the user.

How To Choose The Best Sleeping Pad For Camping

Campers who need a higher level of comfort should opt for an air mattresses. Some higher end air mattresses come with a zone firmness setting feature. This feature allows users to adjust how plush or stiff the bed feels.

Because of this feature, it's proven that campers sleep better on air mattresses. The only drawback though is that the air mattress takes a lot of space in your backpack while hiking. Look for an air mattress or a high-end sleeping cot to maximize your sleep and comfort during your hiking travels.

Ease Of Use

Winner: Sleeping Pad

Remember, hiking trips last from a day to a few weeks at a time. Traveling light is important and crucial if you want a successful hiking excursion. While those few extra pounds feel nonexistent during the first hours of your hiking trip, those extra pounds start to weight down on you as you continue through your hiking activity.

Air mattresses are heavier to use and to carry around than a sleeping pad. For instance, air mattresses need a valve pump to inflate it into a functional bed. This pump adds extra space to your backpack and is hard to carry extended trips.

Sleeping Pad Kamui

Sleeping pads range in different thickness from 12 inches to over 50 inches. The pads roll in a compact size to fit into your backpack. Sleeping pads are easier to pack and don't need an air pump to inflate it fully.

An average camper can set up a good sleeping pad within 5 minutes. However, air mattresses take more than double the time to get started. That's why you'll need a sleeping pad since it reduces the amount of time it takes to create a safe resting area.

Sleeping pads are easier to use for novice hikers. The pads take less time to clean, set up, and deflate once finished. Because of this, you're better off buying a sleeping pad for your first hiking journey.


We believe that a sleeping pad is a superior choice out of the two forms of bedding. Sleeping pads are cheaper, easier to use, and some of the higher end models match air mattresses in comfort. Consider buying a sleeping pad to remain well rested and comfortable during your hiking adventures.

Do you have any experience using an air mattress or a sleeping pad during your camping trip?

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