10 Gifts For Avid Campers

10 Gifts For Avid Campers

With the holiday season just around the corner, you might be wondering what gifts you’re going to get for friends and family this year. Rather than buying people disposable presents or things they’ll never use, why not look for something both unique and practical that they can take camping?

If there’s anyone in your life who loves to camp, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got some great suggestions for cool camping gifts that will make them jump for joy. These unique camping gifts will be surely appreciated and well loved in the great outdoors, so check out what we’ve found.

#1: Portable Hair Dryer

Portable Hair Dryer

This might not be a gift that appeals to all outdoor types, but there will be some who would be thrilled to take a hair dryer on their next camping trip. There are now portable hair dryers that work with the power of your car so that your next outdoor adventure doesn’t leave your hair all flat and lifeless. For bonus use, you can even heat up the windscreen and get rid of the frost and snow, so it’s not all about glamour.

#2: Titanium Spork

A spork is really the only utensil you need while camping, but rather than getting a flimsy plastic one, why not invest in the best? Grab a quality titanium spork that will last for years, probably generations, and make every camp meals that much more enjoyable. Traditionally just a spoon and fork, these camping models also have a serrated edge so you can truly do away with the rest of your cutlery.

#3: Board Games

For the family who loves to camp, why not get them a good board game that can be played outdoors? Look for something with minimal small parts that can easily get lost otherwise they might not want to take it on their next trip.

#4: Campfire Cookbook

Thinking about what meals you’re going to make while camping can be a bore, and if you know someone always struggling for inspiration then a campfire cookbook is a great gift idea.

They can take it along with them or research leading up to their next adventure, and you might even be able to benefit from their newfound cooking skills. These books can be as basic or as detailed as you need, depending on the skill level of the camp cook.

#5: Compressible Pillow

Camping is all about fitting as much in as possible without weighing you down, and if you don’t really want to slum it on the ground then this will solve that problem. You can now get compressible pillows that deflate and inflate as needed so they take up no room to carry.

Who said that camping had to be uncomfortable to be the real deal? This pillow is handy and will add a touch of luxury to your sleeping arrangements, which all campers would be grateful for.

#6: Functional Supplies

Sleeping Bags On Ground

Sure, there are plenty of fun gifts you can get for campers but sometimes the best present is a functional one. Think of cool but useful camping gear like sleeping pads, camp chairs, or a brand new sleeping bag to satisfy them.

People who love to camp are always looking for new gear to try out, and with the right choice, you could transform their next outdoor experience. For those new to camping and wanting to try it for themselves, you could even make a complete camping kit packed with all of the essentials.

#7: Inflatable Solar Lantern

The power of solar is something that should be harnessed on every camping trip, and any means we can find to not rely on batteries or power we should take advantage of.

There are now inflatable solar lanterns available that can be blown up and put to use while camping, taking up no room and using no other source of power besides the sun to work. This is a great affordable camping gift that will be truly appreciated and you know it will get plenty of use.

#8: Outdoor Popcorn Popper

Popcorn is a great treat for all, no matter what your age is or the occasion. There are few situations that deserve popcorn as much as a campfire though, and now you can give the gift of popping to a loved one. These outdoor popcorn poppers can be used over a standard campfire and all you have to do is fill it with the corn kernels. This makes a great snack and a gift that can be enjoyed by all members of the family.

#9: Wine Glass Insulator

For the camping enthusiast who likes nothing more than relaxing with a chilled glass of wine at the campfire each night, this is a great gift. These insulators fit over standard wine glasses to keep their crisp glass of white cool every night regardless of the weather. Say goodbye to the flimsy plastic cups with warm wine, and enjoy your wine out of your favorite glass when you have your very own insulator sleeve to keep it cold.

#10: Waterproof MP3 Player

MP3 Player

Music is a must-have for many campers and they often put their trust in devices that just weren’t made for the great outdoors. Going camping means being prepared for all conditions and weather, especially when it comes to your electronics.

If you know someone who loves music just as much as they love getting into the great outdoors, a waterproof MP3 player would make an amazing gift. They’ll get to enjoy their passion for music without worrying about dropping it in the river or getting rain damage, which will make you a very popular friend indeed.


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