Camping: The Perfect Solution To A Sedentary Lifestyle

Camping: The Perfect Solution To A Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary life is one that many of us have, whether it’s something we’ve been wanting to change for years or just a lifestyle that we’ve gotten used to. No matter how much we learn about the dangers of inactive lifestyles, ​we still find it hard to turn them around and begin to do something better.

There’s no doubt that shifting out of these types of lives takes willpower, but one simple way that you can make changes is to get into camping. There are so many benefits of camping to be found and because it’s such an enjoyable activity you won’t even realize how much good you’re doing.

America is facing an obesity epidemic that seems to only worsen as the years go by, and most of it is due to the sedentary life that we have chosen. The health benefits of camping are just one simple thing we can enjoy to get us out of these ruts that we’re in and improve our mental and physical health significantly.

The Obesity Epidemic We’re Facing

When you hear about the most obese nations on earth, ​America always seems to be on top of the list. According to the most recent reports from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 40 percent of American adults and 20 percent of youths are considered obese. If this seems high, then it certainly is, and it’s the worst state that our country has ever been in.

A doctor measuring a size of a man's stomach.

There are so many things that factor into this obesity, with the most important being our diets and lifestyle. People feel that they don’t have time to exercise or make healthy meals and so opt for the unhealthy options instead, and gradually it all adds to up an obesity epidemic.

What’s the most troubling about these reports is the rise of obesity in children in our country, where before we looked at it as a mostly adult problem. Although there have been numerous attempts to teach parents and students about healthy lifestyles, it seems that it’s just not getting through. Now more than ever we need a way to fix things, and camping might be the solution.

How Our Lives Have Changed In The Last 50 Years

There’s no doubt that the average American life has changed a lot over the last 50 years, and somehow these changes ​have contributed to the obesity epidemic and sedentary lifestyle that we now live.

The forms of entertainment that we now rely on use very little of our energy and calories burned in a sedentary lifestyle is about 1800 a day. This can be anything from watching TV and movies, scrolling through our smartphones, or playing video games, most of which are burning little to no energy.

Another reason for this slowed down lifestyle is the rise of fast food and food choices that are made to be convenient but offer little to no nutritional value. Gone are the days of simple meals of meat with vegetables served up to the family as now everything is processed and packed full of refined sugar or hidden fats.

We rarely get outside to do anything these days and for most of us, we probably can’t recall our ​last camping adventure. We drive everywhere or take an Uber, never ride bikes or walk, and most of our activities are indoors. When you think about all the ways our lives have changed, it’s no wonder that most of us fall easily into the sedentary lifestyle.

Why Camping Is The Perfect Solution

When it comes to getting out of a rut like a sedentary life, the clear answer is to find something that makes you happy and gets you active. Camping is the perfect solution as it offers both things, and so much more. Here are a few benefits you can expect from camping, even just once:

  • Healthy Foods - Cooking your own food on the fireplace and getting away from the convenience of unhealthy and sugar-laden snacks is easy to do when you’re out camping.
  • Fresh Air - There’s nothing quite like fresh air and sunshine that you just can’t find locked in an office all day or watching TV at home, and it’s absolutely free of charge.
  • Stress-Free Environment - Getting out into the wilderness and working off some steam or getting your blood pumping is the quickest way to reduce stress and take your mind off the daily struggles.
  • Lots of exercise and fun - Whether it’s hiking to the camping spot or setting up a tent, there are plenty of rigorous activities you can do on a camping trip that won’t feel like a chore.
  • Affordable - There are plenty of ​affordable or free campsites available and investing in simple camping gear these days doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Once you’ve got the basics you’ll be ready to pick up and go whenever the mood strikes.

Getting Back Into Nature For Good

Camping has so many benefits for the body and mind that it can’t be ignored, and it’s the perfect break away for those with an inactive life. The best thing about camping is that you can teach your kids its values and ensure that they don’t succumb to the growing rates of obesity and the diseases that come with it.

Woman sitting in a tent.

There are no special skills required to go camping and all you need is some simple gear and a willingness to try new things. You will likely surprise yourself after your first trip away when you realize just how much fun you had and how much better you feel in body and mind, giving you the easy break from your sedentary life that you needed.

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