What type of camper are you?


Do you have any experience with camping?

What is the ideal way for you to recharge your batteries and take a break from the world?

How addicted are you to technology?

The driving part of any trip is:

Who is your favorite person to go on a trip with?

What is your biggest concern while camping?

Your favorite camping activity is:

If it starts to rain while you are on your trip, you will

What type of camper are you?

You are too dependent on technology. You might want to consider experiencing a camping trip without technology and reconnect with nature. It could help you appreciate the moments you get away from the modern world, or comprehend the importance technology has in your life. Either way, going on a camping trip could make a difference.

You are a perfect example of an individual made for camping trips. Whether it’s going alone or with friends, spending the day driving or hiking, you are in! You will take any chance of spending some time outside. You can only benefit from that kind of enthusiasm, so keep up the good work!

Going outside sounds like a good idea to you, but the presence of other people can be tiring. The reason you like to go in the nature is to be alone with your thoughts, and that is perfectly fine. We all know how difficult it is to synchronize with others, especially if there is a bigger number of people involved. Going alone is the way to go!

You are not interested in camping at all. The concept of being in the nature does not sound attractive to you, whatever the reason may be. You might want to consider all the benefits of going on a camping trip, or maybe even experience it before making a decision. If you have done all that, and you still don’t feel like it suits you, we commend you for trying and for still being true to yourself!

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