Yumi ohkura

KAMUI Yumi Ohkura

I am an outdoor enthusiast, a mother, and the founder of KAMUI. I love hiking, camping, nature, and exploring places I've never been to before.

When my 1st daughter was born, I wanted to create a family with strong bonds. That is why I created KAMUI.

All KAMUI equipment is based on my passion for the outdoors and belief that outdoor experience can greatly strengthen family relationships. 

I am also a self-proclaimed Superwoman and my daughter believes that I have a superpower. In fact, the source of my superpower comes from her.


KAMUI - Owner

KAMUI Yumi Ohkura

What is KAMUI

KAMUI is a Japanese lifestyle outdoor equipment brand. 

KAMUI means a supernatural entity composed of spiritual energy.
This word and concept came from Ainu, an indigenous people that lived in Hokkaido, Japan.

We want you to feel refreshed and enjoy the power of nature (KAMUI) when you are outside.