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Try our Freeze-Dried Dehydrated Japanese Gomoku Mixed Rice and enjoy a tasty meal while camping and backpacking. It’s the perfect food on the trail or even a quick prep meal at home.

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Our tasty freeze-dried meal is ideal for outdoor camping, backpacking, emergencies, or even a convenient food option at home.

It is made with 100% Japanese rice mixed with real vegetables and natural premium ingredients sourced in Japan, delivering an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. It is pre-cooked, dehydrated, and packed in Japan, which ensures you get the highest quality and flavor in every bite.

This camping and backpacking food is easy to prepare. Add hot water, and it’s ready to eat in 15 minutes. If you use room-temperature water, you’ll have to wait an hour.

It’s free of 28 common allergens or allergenic materials. It is also gluten-free so that everyone can taste this quick-prep meal.

Our camp meal is lightweight, space-saving, and convenient to take anywhere. It requires less water and easily fits into your backpack.

This dehydrated food has a 5-year shelf-life and requires no refrigeration. It comes in a user-friendly food pouch with a spoon and stands securely on its own.


What is freeze-dried food?
It is a type of food preserved by freezing, drying, and storing in an airtight vessel, sometimes blended with other specific products.

Since freeze-drying retains most nutrients as well as flavor, appearance, and color, it is known as one of the best ways of food preservation.

Does freeze-drying destroy nutrients?
According to studies, freeze-dried foods generally keep over 90% of the foods’ nutrients compared to air-drying or heat-drying, which retain fewer nutrients.

What ingredients are included and not included in the KAMUI Freeze-Dried Dehydrated Japanese Gomoku Mixed Rice?
Every food pack includes these ingredients: Uruchi rice (Japanese rice), carrots, burdock root, Shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, salt, scallops, sugar, dried Bonito stock, ginger, vegetable oil, and food-grade calcium hydroxide.

It’s free from these 28 common allergens: shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk ingredients, peanuts, almond, abalone, squid, salmon roe, oranges, cashew nut, Kiwi fruit, beef, walnuts, sesame, salmon, mackerel, gelatin, soybean, chicken, bananas, pork, Matsutake mushroom, peaches, Japanese mountain yam, and apples.

What is the best food to bring for camping?
Foods that don’t spoil quickly should be on your list of foods to bring when camping. Examples are freeze-dried food, crackers, bread, energy bars, protein bars, canned goods, and fruits. Please check this post to get ideal camping food recipes.

What are high-carb foods for backpacking?
Rice, crackers, pasta, granola, cereals, oatmeal, energy bars, mashed potatoes, and dried fruits contain carbohydrates and are ideal for backpacking.