Hydration Backpack

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Stay hydrated and enjoy every outdoor or sports activity with the KAMUI Hydration Backpack. Our team of outdoor experts designed it for your hydration needs, ensuring ease of use and convenience. Be at your best performance and fuel every adventure with our hands-free 3L hydration system.

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Enjoy various outdoor activities while staying hydrated with a hydration backpack ergonomically designed for hiking, cycling, running, mountain climbing, survival games, and other high-endurance sports.

This hydration system comes with a leakproof 3-liter hydration bladder that fits and locks well in the main compartment. Despite this water backpack’s large capacity, it’s compact and easy to carry anywhere since it only weighs less than 1.8 lbs. (0.8 kg) without water.

Easily attach additional gear and optimize for multiple purposes with its MOLLE system. The multiple pockets enable you to put small personal essentials in the rucksack.

Enables hands-free drinking once you have the bite valve on your mouth. The lever near the drinking spout has an on/off feature that can adjust the amount of water flow. If turned on, it releases water quickly after you bite down the mouthpiece.

The adjustable chest and waist straps keep the backpack in place when you’re on the go, while the sturdy and breathable foam mesh shoulder straps and back pads allow air circulation to relieve pressure.

The hydro pack reservoir is easily cleaned, disassembled, and washed to minor details before and after use.  Just let it air dry before storing.

With the support of outdoor experts, we made several iterations to this product to develop the best features and make it functional, convenient, and affordable.


Are hydration backpacks worth it?
This entirely depends on the amount of water you need, the nature of your activity, and your preferences. If you’re doing endurance activities, you will need more water, and easy access to it will keep you going.

A hydration backpack is worth it, especially if you’re constantly engaged in an outdoor activity during hot weather and carry a day’s supply of drinking water and extra items in your backpack.

What is the purpose of a hydration bag?
A hydration bag or bladder is intended to make carrying and drinking water convenient for the user. With a hydration bag, you don’t have to take a break and rummage through your stuff. All you need to do is reach for the bladder’s nozzle and bite down on the mouthpiece to sip when you feel like drinking while on the move. Find out other essentials and tips to keep yourself hydrated when you’re outdoors here.

How do hydration packs work?
A hydration pack can either be a backpack or a waist pack. It has a bladder or reservoir that fills more water than a regular water bottle. A hose connects to the bladder and ends with a mouthpiece that a user sucks to have sips of water.
Hydration packs are popular gear among hikers, runners, etc., because they’re convenient to carry and easy to access. You don’t have to take down your pack.

Can you put a hydration pack in a regular backpack?
Yes, you can. Place it in a compartment with enough space for the hydration pack, and the hose should have a way out on the bottom of the backpack. Secure the hose with clips and make it within your reach close to your mouth.

Can you put ice in a hydration bag?
Yes, you can put ice in a hydration bag or bladder. The top portion of a bladder has a wide opening where you can put ice cubes to keep your drink cold for some time.