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How to Clean a Camp Chair in 6 Super-Easy Steps and Other Useful Methods

There is nothing like a camping trip in the wilderness to make you happy. Leaning back into your camping chair and becoming one with nature can be a blissful experience. Camping chairs tend to get dirty

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A Personalized Approach: Best Sleeping Pad for Car Camping for Your Next Camping Trip

Are you planning on spending a night in the great outdoors with the family? Then you need to consider getting a sleeping mat. We here at KAMUI have worked hard to prepare an all-around article for choosing

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What to Pack in Picnic Basket: 15 Things To Bring With You On Your Next Adventure

The key to a good picnic is your picnic basket ingredients. What you pack in that little hamper can have a huge impact on how your day goes. We’ve come up with an essential list of 15 items of what to

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How Big Should a Picnic Blanket Be: What Size Should I Choose for My Family?

Are you planning on making a picnic in the park and are you still searching for the perfect picnic blanket? It doesn't matter if your family has seven or three members, there is always a fitting blanket

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Why Is My Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Not Inflating? We Have the Answers!

Are you trying to inflate your self inflating sleeping pad and it just won't work? Are you out on an adventure and is your self-inflating sleeping pad not inflating? That must be a disaster! But we are

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How To Choose Sleeping Pad Hacks: Everything You Need To Know

Sleeping pads aren’t as exciting as tents, grills, or even sleeping bags, but they are an essential part of your camping gear. So how to choose a sleeping pad?Just like with other camping gear and outdoor

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What Size Sleeping Pad Do I Need: Here Is How You Can Choose like a Pro

We understand that it might be hard to grasp the many concepts of sleeping pads when heading into the outdoors. Different gear asks for a different type of knowledge. The same goes for sleeping pads, which

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How to Use Self Inflating Sleeping Pad? an Expert’s Guide Made Simple

There are some pieces of camping gear you can probably go without, but a sleeping pad certainly isn’t one of them. We are here to help you with how to use self inflating sleeping pad for the next trip

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What Kind of Picnic Blanket? Here Are Our Tips and Trick on Choosing the Right Blanket!

Are you planning a picnic trip with some family or friends in the park and forgot to get a picnic blanket? You're probably wondering: What kind of picnic blanket should I choose?Rest assured, KAMUI is

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