10 Most Overlooked Pieces Of Camping Gear

10 Most Overlooked Pieces Of Camping Gear

One of the hardest things about camping is making sure you have the right gear to bring along, as one wrong move or forgotten item could potentially ruin your whole trip. There are some essentials that make it onto everyone’s camping gear checklist but what about the things that get overlooked?

We’ve found some of the most important but often overlooked camping gear that you might not have been bringing along. With these simple additions to your list, you’ll know what to bring on a camping trip so that it’s more comfortable, practical, and enjoyable for all.

#1: Camping Chair

Camping Chair Near Lake

You’re thinking about where you’ll sleep on your camping trip and getting your bag and tent organized, but what about for the other 16 hours when you’re not sleeping? A camping chair is an often overlooked piece of gear that will serve you well in all kinds of camping activities.

Fishing, relaxing, playing board games with the family, eating dinner, reading, and relaxing, all of these are made better with a quality camping chair. Just make sure you choose one that’s designed for camping so it’s lightweight and weather durable.

#2: Duct Tape

There are so many times when you’re camping and a roll of duct tape could come in handy. This essential piece of camping gear is often overlooked but it’s lightweight and has plenty of uses, so it should definitely be added to your kit.

Duct tape can do so many things like mend holes in tents, tape poles together, and hold things that just don’t want to stick. If you don’t want to carry a whole roll, you can simply wrap something around a smaller item like a lighter and you’ll have just enough for one patch job while you’re gone.

#3: Matting

Tents are like our own personal haven when we go camping, but it’s hard to keep the great outdoors from getting inside when we’re camping. The simple fix, and something that most people never bring is matting.

Cut a small piece of mesh or matting that you can bring along and once you’ve set up your tent you can lay it in front of the entrance. Before you go inside, wipe your feet and take your shoes off and you won’t bring anything in with you.

#4: Sleeping Pad

The sleeping pad is set to make its way onto the list of essential camping gear right alongside sleeping bags as more and more people realize just how beneficial they are. The sleeping pad has two uses, insulation and comfort, and they will be a welcome addition to your setup.

Best of all, you can get an inflatable sleeping pad that is extremely lightweight and inflates itself in minutes while you set up the rest of the tent. There are thicker pads for cold weather and thinner pads for warm conditions, so make sure you choose wisely.

#5: Tweezers

Precision Straight Tweezers

Most people bring a small first aid kit with them but miss one vital part. Tweezers can be used for so many things and will be especially useful for camping thanks to the wide range of problems it can present.

The most important use you’ll get out of your tweezers is removing splinters from your finger which is a fairly common occurrence thanks to firewood and being in the great outdoors. Secondly, you’ll have an easy way to pull out tics that tend to love finding their way onto campers’ bodies.

#6: Lantern

When packing for camping, the usual light solution that people bring is a flashlight but this doesn’t usually get the job done. A lantern makes a lot more sense, especially these modern types that have been designed just for camping.

Look for a lantern that self-inflates as they can make themselves bigger and won’t weigh a thing. The best approach is a solar-powered lantern that can charge up during the day and give you a full night of light without wasting any power or batteries.

#7: Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are one of those amazing items that come in handy in all kinds of scenarios. For campers, they should have a permanent place on their list of gear.

With a packet of baby wipes, you can clean up messes, give yourself a quick shower without water, wipes down surfaces to keep ants away and use it to clean just about anything. The best part is you can get a compact pack that stores away in your backpack. Just be sure to dispose of them properly and take any trash with you.

#8: Binoculars

There are so many great things to see in the wilderness, but not all of them will be visible with the naked eye. Investing in a quality pair of binoculars will give you an added advantage when it comes to viewing things in the wild. You’ll be able to spot all kinds of animals and birds and share them around for the whole family to witness as well.

#9: Headlamp

Headlamp For Camping

For added convenience at night time when you need to make a bathroom trip or to explore your surroundings with your hands-free, a headlamp is the way to go. You can keep it next to you as you sleep and even give all members of the family their very own lamps so they have the convenience and safety of light as well.

#10: Extra Socks

Most campers realize the importance of packing a pair of socks, but to go one better you should pack extra. There are many things that can happen in the great outdoors like rain, bugs, and mess that can ruin your only good pair. Having a backup pair could be like a lifesaver you never realized you need, so always pack just one additional pair when you’re heading out on a trip.


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