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How To Get The Best Camping Chair

Let's consider a camping trip as a project. Like most projects, you'll need to be educated and have the right materials for it to run smoothly. However, the gear doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Once you obtain the basic gear and equipment, you'll be set for years of memorable experiences.

This is just one of the many reasons why you should invest in getting the best camping chair! 

Campign Chair in Conrete

What Is A Camping Chair?

camping chair is a portable and mobile chair that's folded when it's not in use. Campers and outdoorsmen love camping chairs because they are easy to store and are lightweight. Camping chairs are versatile, and some have extra accessories to hold your snacks, drinks, and other gear while you sit in the chair. It can even be used while doing your most beloved activities and hobbies. Like fishing, for example.

The best camping chair is going to be different for everyone because we all have our own specific needs. Some people are only interested in having the most comfortable chair, while others want something that gives them the ability to move around freely. With so many other options on the market, you might be overwhelmed and resign yourself to continue sitting on the rusty bucket or the edge of the dock. There are quite a few good reasons why you may not want to give up the quest just yet. The best camping chair is simply a must for your outdoor adventures!

What Makes A Chair A Camping One?

Unlike traditional chairs, camping chairs are for temporary residence. Traditional chairs are for indoor use and tend to stay inside the user's home. However, camping chairs are versatile because they are used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

camping chair

Camping chairs are also foldable which makes it easier to transport them outdoors. The chairs have four or more stakes planted to the ground, which keeps them in place even on rough terrain. Camping chairs are versatile and help users remain comfortable while outdoors.

Types Of Camping Chairs

There are several types of camping chairs. They come in different shapes and sizes. When shopping, look for a camping chair that supports your body type. Following this advice ensures that you'll find a camping chair that's long-lasting, easy, and pleasant for you to use during your trips.

Camping/Outdoor Stools

Traditional Camping Stool

These chairs provide a basic level of support and comfort. Camping or outdoor stools have an armless chair design that resembles stools. Despite the small frame, it still provides reliability and durability. It is mostly used by on-the-go busy campers who just need a fast breath and seat. It is also good when queuing in a long line.

Camping or outdoor stools are great for backcountry hiking and they prioritize bulk and low weight over comfort. Get a camping/outdoor stool if you want a lightweight chair that's small enough to fit in your backpack and carry with you all around.

Backpacking stool

Camping or outdoor stools  weigh more or less 2lbs (around 960g to 1200g). These stools are mostly low-seated which is about 10inches (25cm) in sitting height. These are usually very easy to set-up, don't take too much space, yet very durable and sturdy. Prices range from $16 to $30 for Camping/Outdoor stools.

Traditional Camping Chair

Traditional camping chair

You should look at traditional chairs when you have a limited amount of space and when you aim for comfort and stability.

Traditional camping chairs are a little heavier but still foldable and portable, they are also very easy to set-up. It may weigh from around 2lbs to 4lbs (900g to 1800g) and may reach 11inches to 18inches (27cm to 45cm) in sitting height. Depending on the kind, its price may range from $20 to $30, or even higher.

Portable Camping Chairs

Portable Camping Chairs

You'll like these chairs because they are comfortable and maneuverable. While they don't have the same level of stability as traditional chairs, portable chairs are great for long hiking excursions.

Users can easily take their chairs without becoming weighed down by their contents. Get portable camping chairs if you have a limited amount of space and need an easy chair to travel along with you.

Portable camp chairs weigh only about 2lbs (from 960g to 1200g), and approximately 13inches to 15inches (33cm to 38cm) sitting height. The prices may be from $30 to $60 which also depends on the kind of portable camping chair you choose. These chairs are very foldable yet also very sturdy.

Low profile folding chair

Low profile folding chair

These are the low-seated chairs that are perfect for camping, the beach, outdoor concerts, sporting events. They provide relaxation at a very low height. It gives you the space to extend your legs and just chill out. It gives you utmost comfort especially when made using mesh fabric, and additional cushioned armrests. Low profile folding chairs are also very good to use when avoiding falls since the height of the chair is low, allowing more stability and sturdiness.

Low profile camping chair

Low profile folding chairs weigh around 4lbs until 7lbs (1800g to 3000g) and their height range sits around 9 inches (22cm) off the ground, which allows you to easily snuggle up by the campfire. The price starts from around $30 to even as high as $70.

Kids Chair

kids chair

For outdoor camping with the whole family, of course, we should consider getting the kids comfortable and safe as well. For kids camping chair, it needs to stable and sturdy to be able to support the kids' movements. It should also be low-height to avoid any unwanted accidents or falls. Cartoon designs or animal designs will also be a great addition to your kiddo's camping chair.

Comfort and stability is always a big factor that needs to be taken into consideration, especially when planning for lengthy trips. That's why it's important to choose a camping chair that has a kid-friendly design but also tops safety and stability.

The usual kid's chairs are normally for kids aged 36 months to 6 years, easier to assemble, and with kid-friendly designs. It weighs almost the same as the traditional camping chairs, which are usually 2lbs (around 900g). It is around 9 inches (22cm) high. Its price ranges from $13 to $25.

Typical Uses For Camping Chairs

Usually, people who get a camping chair use it for several purposes. Here are some of them:

Camping And Tailgating

RECOMMENDED: Traditional Camping Chair / Portable Camping Chair / Low-Profile Folding Chair
car camping and tailgaiting

For car camping and tailgating, it is required to have a chair that provides a lot of comfort. Both activities don't require a great deal of walking, so size and bulk aren't that much of an issue.

Durability and value are always needed, but let's face it: after climbing or hiking, you don't want to sit on an inexpensive chair with limited support, you'll want to sit on a chair that provides the most comfort. So, it is recommended to have a traditional camping chair or even a portable camping chair for these activities.

backcountry trip

low profile folding chair is also a good choice, it does add 1-2 pounds to your overall camping paraphernalia, but you'll have a low-height, cozy seat that will enhance your backcountry and camping experience.


RECOMMENDED: Low-Profile Folding Chair / Traditional Camping Chair / Portable Camping Chair
beach camping

Taking a camping chair to a beach is the best way to sunbathe, read, and lounge throughout the day (without straining your neck to read or getting filled with sand). It's typical that you'll want to get a low-height or low profile folding chair. For beach usage, we suggest getting a mesh chair with a lighter color, so it doesn't get too much sun exposure.

You'll probably want a mesh, if possible, since it is breathable, keeping you well ventilated while it soaks up the sun. Purchase a chair with wide enough feet, or plan proactively to prevent the chair from sinking into the sand while you lounge at the beach.

lounging chair

As for lounging, it doesn't really matter what chair you get, as long as it will give you the utmost sense of relaxation. Some users prefer to use a traditional or portable chair because they can go almost anywhere. Find the most comfortable lounging chair to receive the best results and relax easier in your home.


RECOMMENDED: Traditional Camping Chair / Portable Camping Chair
fishing camping chair

Camping chairs are ideal for fishing trips. One might ask, do you really need a good fishing chair? Well, of course, yes!

If you grew up fishing with your father or grandfather, you may have remembered sitting on a bucket, a cooler, or even on the ground while you waited for the fish to bite. If you were lucky enough to have a fishing chair, chances were it wasn’t very comfortable because it was one of those metal folding chairs.

One of the biggest reasons why many anglers hunt for that perfect chair is because once you start to get uncomfortable, you aren’t going to want to continue fishing. You’ll pack up your things empty-handed and in a foul mood.

With the right folding fishing chair, you’ll find that your fishing trip, especially those long ones, will be so much more enjoyable and relaxing. Because you’ll be comfortable without having to be on your feet the entire time

So with comfort being a logical benefit to using one of these chairs, there are other great benefits to using them. Not only will a chair be comfortable and give you the chance to relax, but it will also give you the chance to get off your feet, thus avoiding any pain in your feet or back.

fishing chair

Another reason why many anglers will hunt for a good fishing chair is that you’ll be able to use it while camping, too. You can bring the chair around the campfire, instead of having to sit on the ground or try to find a rock or a log – which can be quite uncomfortable on the rear end!

You should also consider a chair that's sturdy enough when fishing so that you won't tip over while in the boat. You should make sure to get a sturdy traditional or portable camping chair to enjoy a comfortable and stable round of fishing.

Closing Thoughts

We think that camping chairs are great for camping, tailgating, hunting, and especially fishing. As you look for your ideal chair, there are some features that will play a big role in the decision process.

The search for the perfect camping chair doesn’t have to take a lifetime when you know what you’re looking for. As there’s no denying that a good camping chair can make or break the experience.

As you get older and you want to spend more time in nature, you’re not going to want to sit on the bucket or anything else. You’ve earned the right to kick back and relax! So, try to get your hands on a camping chair that is sold at a modest price and is easily transported to any location. Get the best camping chair for you to maximize your entertainment and comfort the next time you go outdoors!

KAMUI portable camping chair

Overall, we think that getting the best camping chair depends on what your particular needs are. If you opt for comfort, or storage, or portability. Knowing what you are looking for in a camping chair will help you find the best camping chair for you.

When planning for another camping getaway, make sure to be educated and ready. Happy camping!