10 Unusual Camping Hacks You Have To Try

Camping is one of those great activities where every time you go you end up learning something new. There are camping hacks and tips that have been passed down for generations and those that are yet to become common knowledge. We’ve found some of the coolest camping tips to make your next trip more enjoyable, and hopefully, some camping ideas that you can use every time you head outdoors.

#10: Toilet Paper Container

One of the few luxuries that people want to take with them camping is having their own toilet paper, but what happens when you get out to the toilet in the morning and find that the rain has gotten to your once dry and plush TP? The simple solution is to use an empty coffee container, place the roll inside, cut a slit that’s big enough for the sheet to pass through. Cut another hole at the top and bottom to put some string through and then hang it up on a nearby tree for a weatherproof toilet roll holder.

#9: Camping Pancakes

If you don’t want to miss out on any of your favorite foods while you’re camping, you can use some hacks to take them with you. Create some pancake batter ahead of time and pour it into a disposable frosting bag. When your campfire skillet is nice and hot you can simply cut the tip off the bag and use it to make perfectly round pancakes without any of the mess. Alternatively, mix up some raw eggs before you go and pour them into a bottle so you can enjoy scrambled eggs with no need for broken shells or cleaning up. Just make sure you keep them refrigerated.

#8: Soap Pouch

Having a shower or bath while camping isn’t really anyone’s dream scenario but you can make it a little easier with the right DIY camping gear. 

Before you head out, spend half an hour cutting up an old towel and sewing it back together with a bar of soap inside.

The small towel pockets will house bars of soap so that there’s no mess or need to pick up a slippery bar of soap, and when you come back home you can remove the old bar and store the pouch for next time.

DIY soap pouch

#7: DIY Tick Deterrent

Ticks are one annoying part of camping that always tries to come home with you, but thankfully you can use this natural tick deterrent to keep them at bay.

Just mix 1 part tea tree oil to 2 parts of water and keep it in a spray bottle. Use the bottle to spray around the campsite, on your socks, inside shoes, and on the cuffs of your pants. 

Ticks hate the aroma of tea tree oil and won’t want to come anywhere near it.

#6: Shoe Organizer Storage

If you happen to have a spare shoe organizer at home you can put it to good use on your next camping trip, which could also be free, or even just empty out your shoes before you head off. These storage hangers are the perfect size for your kitchen goods at a campsite and they hang up easily from just about anywhere. Use them to store cutlery, utensils, spices, towels, and anything else you need to reach in the kitchen.

#5: Mini First Aid Kit

For those short camping trips or times when you want an extra small first aid kit to take along, why not use one of your old prescription bottles? These are the perfect size to fit some of the essentials like band-aids, tablets, and sanitizing wipes, and they fit easily into your pocket or backpack for emergencies.

#4: Portable Washing Machine

When you’re on an extended camping trip and plan on spending more than a few days out in the wilderness, you probably want to make sure you can wash your clothes somewhere along the way. Rather than trying to find a river or scrubbing hard with your hands in a bucket, you can bring along your very own camp-size washing machine. Simply use a plunger and a bucket with a lid, cut a hole big enough for the plunger handle to fit through, and viola.

#3: Dorito Fires

Most people probably have a packet of Doritos lying around somewhere in their campsite, but did you know they could actually be used to start fires? If you’re having a problem finding other kindling to use, throw a few of the corn chips down and amaze yourself. Obviously, this shouldn’t be your first plan and only used as a backup, but it’s nice to know they’re good for more than just stuffing our faces with.

Lighting a fire with Doritos

#2: Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitoes are a very annoying part of camping but one that most of us just put up with in order to get into the great outdoors. One easy way to keep them at bay without having to spray the whole family with harsh chemicals is by adding a stick of sage to the campfire. Mosquitoes and other insects are instantly repelled by the smell and smoke but it will be pleasant for the human attendees of the camping trip, so this is one to definitely remember.

#1: Camping Comfy

There’s nothing worse than a big day of the great outdoors only to find that your new tent and your sleeping bag setup aren’t comfortable at all, so tent camping hacks are a must have. The best way to combat this discomfort is with an air sleeping pad pad that can be inserted underneath for extra comfort. With one of these, you can turn even the cheapest and flimsiest bag into something luxurious, so it’s one thing that you should never be without.