Guide To Essential Camping Hygiene

When you’re out in the great outdoors and away from the creature comforts of home, the one thing that seems to suffer is your hygiene. Without access to your luxury beauty products or hot, running water, you’re more likely to get smelly and dirty fast, so we’ve compiled some tips on personal hygiene while camping and how to stay clean in any outdoors situation.

Pack Some Wipes

A simple tip for keeping clean while camping comes from a basic pack of baby wipes or facial wipes. These can be used to give yourself a quick once-over when you’re not able to go to the bath or some might find them useful after a trip to the outdoor toilet. When you can wash your hands but need them to feel clean instantly, a wipe will be your new best friend. Be sure to pack your wipes away when you’re done as they can be extremely damaging to the environment, and store used ones in a zip-lock bag on your person.

Baby wipes

Choose The Best Spot To Go

Although it’s not the most enjoyable part of camping it’s definitely a necessity, so finding the right place to use the bathroom is essential. According to the REI, you should aim to be at least 200 feet away from your campsite when you choose somewhere to use the bathroom. Find a site that has good access to sunlight and has loose, rich soil, as this will help you when covering up the evidence. When you’re done, leave no litter behind and make a conscious effort to cover up what you’ve done.

Swab Yourself

One of the biggest risks of camping comes from the bacteria that can build up on our skin, and there are some areas that are more worrisome than others. Some campers might like to carry a few cotton balls and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to keep themselves clean. Simply dab the balls in the peroxide and use it under your arms, on palms, face, feet, and groin. These are areas of high bacteria growth and the peroxide can help prevent it from spreading.

Carry Some Hand Sanitizer

One of the simplest things you can pack to keep yourself healthy and hygienic is hand sanitizer, coming in a handy little bottle that will fit in your backpack. When you don’t have access to running water these are great for bathroom trips or if you’ve been preparing food and want to clean your hands. They aren’t ideal as the only source of hygiene though, so when given the chance be sure to clean yourself under running water with soap.

Hand sanitizer

Pack Enough Clothes

When packing your bag, aim to pack for two outfits a day so that you ‘re not smelly and putting everyone off a the campsite. Choose loose fitting and comfortable clothes that are less likely to cause sweating and smell, and if presented with a chance to wash some clothes along the way then you should do so.

Get Into Nature’s Bath

The best way to get clean when you’re camping is to have a bath in a natural body of water, so if you’re given the opportunity to do so you should take it. Some find they pass water on a hike, and even though it might not be time for a bath you should grab the opportunity when you can. Be careful not to wash with any harsh soap and ensure you’re using running and clean water. Never bathe in stagnant water, though, as this can be full of harmful bacteria and diseases.

Bring Water For Washing

Unless your campsite has access to water facilities, most campers will be fully prepared with their own water supply. You should also factor in how much you’ll need for washing clothes and yourself, as some people seem to forget the importance of this. If you can get cheaper water in bulk then use this for your washing as it doesn’t need to be the highest quality for drinking, but just enough so that you can create a makeshift washing machine with a tub and some mild detergent.

Keep The Smells Away

Some people assume that being hygienic means smelling good, but when you’re out camping you don’t really want any overpowering scents around. Not only can be they be annoying to those you’re camping with, but they can attract insects and animals to your campsite. Use mild deodorants, soaps, and washing powders and leave the perfume at home for your return.

Store Waste Correctly

One of the essential camping tips you need to know is not only helpful for your hygiene but for the health of the woods as well.

Everything you consume or use needs to be stored away correctly so it doesn’t create a stench, and this includes and trips to the bathroom. Keep waste in a sealed bag and cover any mess that you might make on a bathroom trip.

The aim is to leave no trace behind, and this is especially important when you think of the smell it might leave.

Garbage bag tied to a tree

Bring A Portable Shower

Although it might be considered a luxury for some, having a portable device for how to shower when camping is the easiest way to ensure that you are smelling good and feeling clean. Portable showers can be connected to just about any water supply whether it’s a fresh body of water, a tap, or filtered water you’ve bought from home. Give everyone a designated time limit for showers like one or two minutes each and you’ll ensure that everyone stays clean and smelling their best on the trip.