The Essential Guide To Prepping

There’s a good chance if you own a TV that you would have seen one of the numerous shows about emergency preppers, or the people who spend their lives preparing for the possibility of a catastrophic event. Although it might seem like a far out notion, many American families are seeing real value in getting together some prepping supplies for the chance of something occurring in the future, albeit probably not to the extreme level that those on TV do.

The prepping meaning can be as simple as having some supplies ready in case a storm turns your power out or as far-reaching as preparing for a doomsday event. If you’re wondering more about what are preppers, this group can be just as versatile depending on the level of fear they have for what might be around the corner.

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This simple guide to prepping can show you exactly what it means to be prepared and the scenarios when you might be wishing that you had some prepping gear at the ready. There’s no need to go over the top, but it’s a smart idea for the modern family to have at least some equipment ready in case the worse should ever happen.

What Is Prepping Exactly?

It’s certainly been a buzzword of late, but not many people know the answer to what is a prepper? The prepping meaning is really just a shortened word for preparations, and a prepper is someone who makes sure they have all of the supplies ready in case a catastrophic event should occur. At last count, there was an estimated 68 million Americans who had bought survival gear, so it seems everyone is preparing for something.  

There are different levels to which a prepper can operate, with some taking it quite seriously and having everything from guns and ammunition, to a lifetime supply of food and water ready, and those who just like to have a few basic rations at the ready. Provided you are preparing yourself and your home for the worst case scenario, you could definitely call yourself a prepper.

What Are Disaster Prepping Scenarios?

To understand more about the prepper way, we need to understand their motives for all of this emergency preparation. Some preppers like to be covered for any kind of disaster that could occur and some have a particular fear in mind about an emergency situation. Here are some of the most common scenarios that preppers are preparing for.

  • Natural disasters – With recent worry about weather occurrences, it seems many people are preparing for a large-scale natural disaster. Some people simply like to be prepared for hurricanes and storms, and this is prepping in itself. 
  • Terrorism and war – Many Americans fear the threat of war or terrorism and pack their prepping supplies accordingly, with a keen focus on ammunition and survival gear.
  • Nuclear weapons – In addition to the threat of war, some preppers are preparing their homes for nuclear strikes and electromagnetic pulses.
  • Asteroids and Comets – Some believe that there are threats from outer space that could have a serious impact on the earth and so prepare for an asteroid or comet collision.

The Essential Prepping Tips You Need To Know

Regardless of the level of prepping that you’re interested in, there are a few areas that you should cover when thinking about prepping 101. Some prepping kits are as simple as being protected against wild weather and others can be as serious as doomsday prepping, so what you pack can differ quite a bit.

  • Food and Water – Be sure to pack food that can be easily stored away and kept for years at a time. There are now many different canned food varieties made for this very purpose with a much larger selection that there used to be. Bottled water is essential as well as a filtration system.
  • Shelter – Something as simple as a quality padpocket blanket, something like a tarp or compact tent can be all you need in your prepping kit to ensure you’re sheltered from harsh weather conditions and other emergency situations.
  • Energy – Pack things that might come in handy like batteries, power cords, phone chargers for apps, generators, solar panels, and anything else that will give you enough power in case of an emergency.
  • Medical Gear – Have a simple first aid kit in your prepping kit that includes band-aids and bandages, antiseptic cream, tweezers, and any other essential medical equipment you might need.
  • Other Supplies – Some might like to pack additional supplies like guns and ammunition, reading materials, entertainment like radios, survival gear including compass, matches, and camping gear

A Little Organization Can Go A Long Way

There are no rules that say you have to be as extreme as doomsday preppers, but as long as you have enough of the basic supplies to keep you and the whole family fed and sheltered for the foreseeable future then you’re doing your part. Some might like to go to extreme measures just like the doomsday preppers you see on TV, but for the average American, it should be enough to just have the essentials.

Prepping kit

Packing a preppers kit is something that you can easily do over the weekend and store it away for whenever you might need it. For such a small amount of organization, this kit could mean so much when you’re stuck in an emergency situation.

Covering the basics is essential, so try to imagine it as a long camping trip. You’ll want shelter, bedding, medical equipment, canned food, and water, plus any extras you usually take along for comfort. Having this kit ready can give you peace of mind that you’ll be prepared for any type of emergency and that your beloved family will be kept safe from harm.



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