7 Of The Best Camping Apps

These days, it seems there’s an app for just about anything and a way to make everything better and easier. The good news for camping enthusiasts is that we’re also covered too, with some truly innovative and exciting apps out there for those of us who take their camping seriously.

If you’ve been wondering just how technology can make your camping trip better, look no further than our list of the best camping apps. We will show you some of the coolest camping apps around including those that help you find a spot, knot tying apps, and even camping cookbooks. With this list, you’ll never go without a thing in your next outdoor adventure.

#1: CampWhere

Camp Where App

No list of the best apps for camping would be complete without CampWhere, and it’s one of the biggest camping apps around and the highest rated campground locator on iTunes. This app shows you just about every possible campground in the US and Canada, and even lets you make reservations through it.

You’ll get every piece of information you need about the site as well as apps, info for RVs and campgrounds, up to date weather reports and more. For a comprehensive and convenient way to choose your next destination, CampWhere is the way to go.

#2: Recreation.gov

This is a government created and regulated app that can point you in the right direction of fun activities for your next camping trip or somewhere to set up your campsite for the night.

This apps helps you locate any forests, national parks, and recreational activities that are close by. You’ll also be able to check out federal campsites to see what their current availability is, so it’s ideal for those who like to live in the moment and not plan things too far ahead.

#3: Roadtrippers

If you’re someone who always takes their car on a camping trip, you’ll have a whole new set of requirements in an app. The Roadtrippers app can help you plan the driving part of your adventure and it will give you the best route to get where you need to go.

As you travel, it will update you with things that are close by so you’ll never be lost about where to go. Roadtrippers can show you everything there is including national and state parks, restaurants, restrooms, beaches, hiking trails, and just about anything else you want to see.

#4: Coleman Cookbook

Have you ever been camping, taken a look through your supplies, and found that you don’t really have the right ingredients to make a proper meal? The Coleman Cookbook is the answer to your prayers and it helps you whip up some tasty camp food with just the ingredients that you already have.

Cookbook App

For those who wisely prefer to plan ahead, it’s got plenty of tasty and easy campfire recipes that you’ll be able to cook and impress everyone else the next time you head out on a trip.

#5: Campfire Songs

For some free family entertainment on your next camping trip, why not check out the Campfire Songs app? This simple app has access to over 200 camping songs and it’s always adding more. You’ll be able to sing along to all of the favorites and get the whole family involved in on the fun.

This might be a little technical for some who prefer to do things the old fashioned way, but you can still refer to the app for a little inspiration. Campfire Songs is a favorite for boy scouts and girl scouts, and the songs are suitable for the entire family.

#6: Flashlight

You might laugh at the thought of an app that acts as a flashlight, but there will be times on a camping trip where you’d really wish you had a spare one. Flashlight is a little more in depth that it sounds, and while it does help you turn your smartphone into a flashlight to see in the dark, there are other cool features too.

You’ll get a quality compass that can help you find your way which could be very useful if you find yourself lost somehow. Just be sure to keep your phone charged in case you need to use it.

#7: What Knot To Do

As much as we would all like to be master knot tiers able to save the day with our impressive skills, remembering all of those knots can be challenging. What Knot to Do is an app that will help you tie knots for all kinds of purposes.

There are handy detailed instructions and instructional videos to get it just right. By far the best knot tying app out there with the biggest list of knots, and best of all you won’t pay a cent for it.

Using Technology To Enjoy The Great Outdoors Even More

Using Tablet On Camping

Some people might initially shun the idea of using your smartphone to make camping even better, as it goes against the whole concept of getting into nature. However, these apps will truly make your experience even better and take some of the hard work out of camping so you can enjoy the fun parts.

These apps cover all aspects of camping from entertainment to survival, and there’s surely no harm having your phone on hand in case you ever need it. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to camp or need a restroom close by, you can rely on technology to get you through.

With more and more apps being released each day, it’s hard to imagine exactly what they’ll come up with next. To see how technology can actually help you enjoy the great outdoors, even more, check out our list of the best camping apps and amaze yourself with their innovation.