15 Things To Pack In Your Picnic Basket

10 Things To Pack In Your Picnic Basket

There’s nothing quite like the simple joy of having a picnic in the middle of nature and enjoying the sun’s rays while you eat, but it’s something that not many of us get ​to do these days. Being outdoors isn’t all about camping or hiking, sometimes it can be great to get out into nature just for relaxation’s sake.

The key to a good picnic is your picnic basket ingredients and what you pack in that little hamper can have a huge impact on how good your day goes. We’ve come up with an essential list of 10 items no picnic basket should be without so that you’re guaranteed the best picnic experience yet.

#10: Food

The number one ingredient for a good picnic is the food you choose, but it’s not that simple. Think of all avenues including snacks, main meals, and desserts. You’ll need enough for the main event and any other snacks you might require for the journey there and home. Try to avoid things that melt easily (like ice cream) or take up too much room in the picnic basket.

Food From Picnic Basket

#9: Picnic Blanket

No picnic would be complete without a comfortable blanket to sit on. This helps create the space for the feast and also keeps you free from whatever’s on the ground below. To give yourself and your food added protection, consider laying down a simple tarp blanket underneath as a handy barrier.

#8: Seating

If you’ve got some space to carry more with you, you could really spruce up your picnic spot with comfortable seating options. This could be anything from a few cushions to sit on or deluxe camping chairs that will make it easy to sit around for hours and do nothing but relax. Just make sure you pack enough for everyone there, otherwise, they might feel left out.

#7: Drinks

To some, the beverages are just as important as the snacks on a picnic, so knowing which ones to pack in the basket will depend on your guests. A must-have for your picnic basket ideas is adequate water as there’s a chance you might not have access to it where you’re going. Secondly, you’ll need flavored drinks like juices and sodas, depending on your taste. Finally, for the adults, you might even want to bring along a ​bottle of champagne and some plastic flutes to really make it decadent.

#6: Entertainment

Getting out into nature can be fun when you’ve got some games to play. Pack in your picnic basket a few easy and lightweight things that might be enjoyable. You could include a Frisbee for throwing or a ball that people could play catch with. Simplicity is best here as you don’t want to be taking up much space in the basket where more food could be.

#5: Music

If you’re someone who gets bored sitting in absolute silence, music could be a great addition to your picnic basket. Thankfully, these days it’s not hard to get your hands on a quality Bluetooth speaker that can help provide you with some tunes. Bring along your smartphone, make sure it’s adequately charged, and add some soothing music to your picnic day out.

Bluetooth Speaker

#4: Sunscreen + Bug Spray

Picnics are best enjoyed in the great outdoors and that means braving the elements. The sun can be present no matter what the weather, so pack along some extra sunscreen to be sure everyone is protected. Another handy addition to the basket would be bug spray, especially during summer time when the insects are out in full force. These two small additions could save everyone a lot of irritation during the day.

#3: Paper Towels

Picnic baskets are usually full of tasty treats, but unlike a restaurant, you’ll have nowhere to wipe sticky BBQ sauce or juicy watermelon on when you’re out in the middle of nature. Pack a roll or a few squares of paper towel and make sure there’s enough for everyone to keep those faces and hands clean.

#2: Cooling System

Packing a picnic basket usually means you’re getting ready to eat at a far away location. In this case, there’s a chance your food could go bad if you don’t have adequate cooling. Some simple solutions are ice blocks or filling up a water bottle and freezing it the night before you leave. It’ll melt eventually and be another source of water for the journey home.

#1: Utensils

Imagine getting all the way out to your intended picnic space and finding that you don’t have any knives or forks, or no spoon to scoop the potato salad with? Pack one set for each person going, and throw in a couple of extras, as well as any serving utensils you’ll require for the food you have. You might think plastic is easier but it’s less friendly to the environment and people will be less inclined to litter when using the real deal.

Being Prepared For The Great Outdoors

Heading out into nature, whether it’s for a three-day hike or relaxing picnic at your local park, brings with it a whole range of potential problems that could occur. Everything from annoying insects to bad weather can quickly change the outcome of your day out, so being prepared for the worst is the best way to get organized.

Family Picnic

Picnics are a lot of fun but they’re even better when you come ready with everything, which is why it’s so handy to have a checklist like this. Make sure the relaxation comes easy on your next adventure by having all of the makings of a good picnic in your basket.

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