How to Plan a Picnic Date: 10 Steps to The Most Memorable Date you’ve Ever Had

Are you planning a date outside with your special someone? If you’re unsure how to plan a picnic date, we have 10 steps to get you started and a few ideas that might help.

10 Steps on How to Plan a Picnic Date

#1: Choose A Location

Choose the perfect location for your picnic date. Be sure to take solitude, views, and ease of access into consideration. You’re going to want an area that’s memorable for all the right reasons, not for the long hike in, sandy sandwiches, or surplus of dinner guests.

girl on picnic with view

#2: Educate Yourself on Regulations

Make sure you plan a picnic date around the regulations of your location. Take into consideration whether or not you can have glass in this space. Maybe this area is abundant in wildlife, and you need to take a few extra precautions. Or the space closes by a specific time, such as dusk.

deer with human

#3: Find the Perfect Picnic Blanket

The perfect picnic date begins with the perfect picnic blanket. You’ll need to make sure you have a blanket that is both comfortable and practical. Searching for a great picnic blanket, waterproof, machine washable, and easy to carry is vital. All of which our KAMUI picnic blanket possessescheck it out!

Beautiful girl comfortably lying on KAMUI blanket.

#4: Choose a Theme!

What type of theme will your picnic date have? A good theme is exciting to both plan and execute. We’re sharing some of our favorite picnic ideas at the end of this post.

Picnic theme

#5: Plan your Meal and Beverages

Once you have your theme locked down, plan picnic food and beverages to match. It’s important to plan for your meal to be as simple as possible. Remember that you’re picnicking and won’t have access to a kitchen at your location.

Typical picnic foods include cured meats, cheese, fresh fruit, and other finger foods. Prepare your food ahead of time and have it portioned out for easy access and an enjoyable picnic.

picnic food

#6: Check your Packing List

Create your packing list and check it twice! Here are some picnic essentials that are easily forgotten: Plates and silverware, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, napkins, bug spray, and a lantern.

packing list for picnic

#7: Pack it all up in a Cute Basket!

We would aim for convenience and compatibility over aesthetics. Choose something that will carry everything you need, maintain the appropriate temperature, and be easy to carry. A backpack or rolling cooler might be your best bet when planning a picnic date.

picnic baskets

#8: Bring an Activity

Bring something along to do after you eat. Bringing a portable board game, drawing or painting supplies, cards, or a musical instrument can entertain you and your date for hours.

If you’re more active, think of packing a fun yard game like corn hole or kan jam. It might also be romantic to start your picnic off with a short hike that leads to a sunset view for dinner.

couple on picnic with guitar

#9: Don’t Forget to Clean up

After your meal is through and it’s time to leave, you’ll have to pack everything up and bring it back with you. Be sure to bring a bag for garbage, Tupperware for leftovers, and something to clean your hands and/or face. As always, be sure to leave no trace!

sign no littering

#10: Pick the Perfect Outfit

Think of practical options for sitting on the ground for an extended amount of time. Take into account what the weather might be when you get there and how it might change as the sun sets.

How to Plan a Picnic Date: Fun Picnic Themes

Here are some of our favorite creative ways to show someone you care!


A tailgate theme might include buffalo chicken wing dip, nachos, and beer, or hamburgers, hot dogs and chips. These items can travel easily, be modified based on preference, and bring about a cute theme. Go above and beyond with football-themed plates, napkins, and sweet treats.

Tailgating Party

Around the World

International foods are so fun and provide a ton of appetizer, dinner, and dessert options. Pick a few countries you and your significant other have talked about visiting and get inspired by their signature dishes. You can spend the evening eating delicious foods from different countries while planning your dream vacation together.


For this party, pack bratwurst, a rotisserie chicken, or any other German dish for this picnic. Don’t forget beer! Add to the theme with blue and white checkers, and it will feel like attending the festival yourself.


Start with basic chips, salsa, and guacamole before diving deep into tacos, tostadas, and elotes. Bring a speaker and dance the night away to Latin beats. Practice your salsa, rumba, and merengue and really wow your partner with the dance moves.

taco fillings


This is the perfect theme for a couple with a sweet tooth. Pack cotton candy, soft pretzels and dip, churros, and kettle corn. Top of your treats with a large lemonade and play some minute-to-win-it style games.

Christmas in July

Bring a variation of the traditional Christmas meal of your family and listen to Christmas music while sipping hot cocoa and peppermint tea. Enjoy a piece of pie to make it feel like the holidays. Don’t forget the Christmas decorations!


If your date loves breakfast food, chances are they will love this theme as well. Pack a variety of breakfast foods and let them choose between: cereal and milk, bagels, French toast, quiche, overnight oats, and cinnamon rolls.

Caribbean Vacation

This is a great picnic theme for a couple who wants to enjoy the beach. Pack some jerk chicken, beef patties, and fried plantains for the perfect Caribbean meal. Serve a tropical drink such as a pina colada or strawberry daiquiri, and be sure to add to the island flare with reggae music.


Make, or buy, your favorite sushi rolls, pack up some seafood salad, and head out to a local body of water. Enjoy each other’s company, some tasty seafood, and a nautically themed beverage of choice.

couple on beach


Typical Hawaiian luau foods include bacon-wrapped pineapple bites, Hawaiian baked beans, pineapple coleslaw, a pig roast, and fruity cocktails or mocktails, which are all great food ideas for a luau-themed picnic.

aloha party sign


Prepare a romantic picnic for your anniversary, a family picnic to celebrate an upcoming birthday, or a fun picnic date night. Use these steps to plan and feel inspired by our suggested themes!