How To Organize The Perfect Birthday Picnic Party

How To Organize The Perfect Birthday Picnic Party

Birthday parties are one of the best things about growing up and something that kids will never forget. There are so many different types of elaborate parties that parents are throwing these days, forgetting that the most fun is often held outdoors.

A birthday picnic party is a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday or another event that gets everyone outdoors. With more options for activities and a fun theme to plan around, the picnic party is both simple but memorable.

If your child has a birthday coming up or you’re planning another celebration, this is a spectacular theme to use. We’ll show you the ins and outs of having a picnic party and exactly what you’ll need to pull it off in style, so read on to find out more.

The Joys Of A Picnic Themed Birthday Party

What is it about having a picnic party that makes them so much fun? These are just some benefits of throwing your kid a picnic themed party that you and them will be able to enjoy:


Being in the outdoors makes everything feel a lot more wholesome and you won’t have to work hard to keep kids entertained. Rather than needing hundreds of party games or electronics to keep everyone happy, they’ll have the simplicity of the great outdoors.

Playing With Kids

Outdoor Activities

Being outside means you can have a lot more fun with planning the activities. Do you want to make more noise? Introduce some water play? Get messy with things like painting and crafts? It’s all much better when you’re having a picnic in the park.


There’s no need to pay anything for a picnic party except for the food. Many of the activities you do will be cheap and there are plenty of free options. With no venue hire or other costs, it will be extremely budget friendly.

Room To Move

There’s no better way to enjoy freedom than in a public park, so setting up your child’s birthday with the picnic theme will help you achieve that. Kids will have plenty of room to run free and wear themselves out.

Organizing A Picnic Party

Parties require a lot of planning as there’s plenty to organize. Depending on the specifics of yours and how many guests you’re having, here are just a few things you’ll need to throw a great picnic party.


You’ll need two different styles of seating, one for the kids and one for the adults. Children can sit on picnic blankets but be sure to have a tarp underneath for added protection. Adults should have a comfortable but relaxed seating choice like camping chairs that can be easily moved around the area.


To be ready for bad weather, you might want to have some form of tarp shelter, shade cloth, picnic umbrella or undercover space to go when planning the party. This will keep you safe from rain or any other unpredictable weather.

Picnic Shelter

Food And Drinks

Adequate food and drinks for both kids and adults are needed. A good selection of healthy snacks with some treats as well, including fruit platters, sandwiches, popcorn, fruit punch, and more.


There are some different themes you could go with for a picnic party but the easiest is a simple picnic look with red and white checked picnic rug, wooden baskets, and flowers and ribbons set up in the area.


Every party needs a cake, and if you’re not planning on making it yourself you’ll want to order it well in advance. Something that suits the outdoors or picnic theme would be great.

Party Favors

Give your guests something to take home as a thank you for attending the party with a little bag of treats, candy, or other favors.

The Best Games And Activities For Picnic Parties

No party would be complete without games and activities to keep the kids entertained. Having a picnic party means you get a lot more space outdoors for children to enjoy, so here are just a few suggestions for what they can play.

Pass The Parcel

Wrap up a present in many layers of gift paper/newspaper and have the kids pass it around in a circle with music playing. When the music stops, a layer of paper can be removed with one kid being the lucky recipient at the end.

Egg And Spoon Races

Each child gets their own spoon with a hardboiled egg to balance on it. They must race the other kids to the finish line without dropping their egg, and the winner gets a prize. For an extra challenge, you can tie two of the children’s legs together and have them run the race as one.

Scavenger Hunt

Take some time to make a list of objects found in a park or picnic area and have each child collect them in a scavenger hunt. Once they’ve ticked off all of the items they get a small prize.

A Unique Party They’ll Never Forget

Many parents these days are taking a step back from the convoluted parties or indoor activities that kids do for their birthdays these days. Having a picnic themed birthday party is a great way to teach your kids about the wonder of nature while also giving them plenty of room to run free.

Group Of Childen On Birthday Party

Just like any party, the key is preparation, so planning a picnic themed party will require a lot of it to run smoothly. Being in the outdoors means some extra ​thought when it comes to weather, but other than that there are so many benefits by having nature as the backdrop to your event.