Picnic Party Ideas Adults Will Love: Why and How to Organize

Are you thinking of organizing a picnic party just for your friends, family, or colleagues and are looking for some picnic party ideas adults will appreciate? We have prepared for you an article that will help you decide why and how to organize a picnic party, and most importantly, remind you of all the things not to forget. 

The trick is to plan out your guest list and consider everyone’s preferences. Of course, always make a checklist that will cancel out any possibility of forgetting something. With that being said, we can review how and why to organize a picnic party. This type of activity will provide you with more space for games and pass times and give you the best opportunity to enjoy nature with your loved ones. If you ask us, a picnic party for adults is a great way to spend an afternoon.

picnic in park

Picnic Party Ideas for Adults

If you’re wondering what to plan for a picnic party, here are some of the ideas on what to focus your party on. This isn’t an exclusive list, so you can both combine and minimize some ideas, but also add some of your own creativity too. Here come the picnic party ideas adults use: 

Backyard picnic by the fire pit

backyard picnic picnic party ideas adults

Dinner party picnic in the park

dinner picnic party ideas for adults

Indoor picnic party

indoor picnic

Outdoor Party in a national park

national park picnic

Classic picnic party in the park

Classic Picnic Party

Oriental picnic party without a picnic table

oriental picnic party

Garden party in a botanical garden

Boho picnic party on the beach

Romantic picnic for the two of you

romantic picnic

Pool party or beach day combined with a picnic

family picnic on beach with blanket

Why Make a Picnic Party for Adults?

You are probably still not sure whether you will host your party in the park or somewhere else. But we’re here to help you decide. We have listed all the pros of picnic party ideas adults have used so far and why you should consider them. On the other hand, a picnic party for adults is not always the best decision or choice. It all depends on your picnic theme and location, but on your friends too.

Pros of Making a Picnic Party

Here is a shortlist of pros for making a birthday picnic in the park:

  • Relaxing: Picnics can feel like short vacations into nature without the hassle
  • Spending time outdoors: A breath of fresh air is sometimes all you need during a stressful week, and the kids for trying out new knots and other pastimes..
  • Great hobby idea: If you’re thinking of starting a new hobby, any picnic place is just around the corner, so think about picnicking as your new pastime.
  • Bring your food: We understand that you might not eat outside, but a picnic can be a great idea if you just don’t like the crowds.
  • Space: You have room for all the outdoor games you’d like.
  • Tailor it to your needs: Don’t like tomatoes in your salad? No problem, just don’t bring it.
  • Company picnic: You can ask your colleagues to join you and make it a team-building activity.
  • Couples picnic: The best date idea out there.
friends picnic in nature picnic party ideas adults

Cons of Making a Picnic Party

On the contrary, there are also some cons of making a picnic party in the park:

  • Pollution: You might cause some littering
  • Weather: Always check the weather for rain or wind before setting out on your adventure, or else you might return wet
  • Food prepping: You have to prepare your picnic food in advance, and it might get cold until you get to your picnic spot

Those were our pros and cons of picnic party ideas. Always make sure to consider everything when planning, especially the weather.

How to Plan a Picnic Party for Adults?

Is your party idea still in the making, or do you want to throw a picnic birthday party for someone you know? We would gladly help you organize your picnic party, so here are the steps you need to follow. Take these steps and tailor them to your needs, so if you’re hosting a boho party, outdoor blankets and not camping chairs are excellent for seating and placing your meals. If you’re organizing an outdoor picnic in a national park, lay out some games you can play in the forest. 

#1: Preparation

The first and most crucial step will help you choose the best course of action when it comes to planning out. First, consider these things: 

  • Who is coming? – Is it going to be family picnic fun, or are you only inviting your friends?
  • When are we going? – Choose a date everyone is okay with, especially days on which everyone is off. Make sure you’re not choosing someone’s birthday or holiday, and a summer picnic is generally very popular.
  • Where are we doing it? – Don’t set out if it’s raining or just rained. Make sure to check the weather forecast. Also, choose a time of day that will fit all of your invitees, make sure they are not at work or running errands when you’re planning on taking part in your picnic party.
  • Why are we organizing it? – Think about the occasion of your party. Is it a bridal shower or just a pool party?
making list

#2: Shelter

park picnic area

Imagine it rains unexpectedly, and you don’t have any protection material. What a disaster, right? So make sure to bring a type of rain protection, either an umbrella or even better – if your picnic spot has a building that you can use on this occasion. Your picnic will be saved, especially if you’re hosting a birthday party with a more considerable number of people attending. 

#3: Seating

Our favorite type of thing to care for when organizing a picnic party is seating. We love to give our friends different types of seats. You can choose from benches, love seats, chairs, hammocks, and blankets. We at KAMUI recommend using the KAMUI outdoor blanket and the KAMUI portable camping chair for offering maximum comfort and versatility when organizing your outdoor events.

#4: Picnic decoration and party theme

Always have in mind the occasion of your getting together when choosing the theme and decoration. These two should be in line with each other, especially with the color scheme you are aiming for. Always think of the picnic party idea you are going with when choosing your deco. Choose the theme accordingly and decorate with a picnic basket, machine-washable picnic blanket, and string lights. 

Opt for fresh flowers and alternated seating for maximum effect on your themed picnic settings. Also, this step is vital in planning your special picnic because decoration will set your event apart from all the others. 

#5: Party games

You can’t go without picnic games, hence all the space you have for some outdoor activities. Here are the yard games you could play: machine-washable picnic blanket,

baseball game in park
  • Ball games like soccer or baseball: These are great group games, for anyone in the group to take part in
  • Corn hole: It will need some more preparation and work, but it can be a great pastime
  • Post-it note game: Guess who is behind your forehead note
  • Lawn darts: Get some darts and try to aim for circles in the lawn or grass
  • Bottle bash: Try to knock over bottles with your frisbee
  • Human ring toss: Try to get the Hoola hoop around your friend
  • Water balloon war: If it’s hot outside, make a simple water balloon game and refresh yourself

#6: Picnic food

Last but not least is your picnic food, the pinnacle of the picnic, and many would say the point of your gathering. We don’t want to overdo it and take a whole backpack full of food with us, so here are our picnic food ideas:

  • Salads: Pasta salad, potato salad, and Caprese or chicken salad
  • Fresh ingredients: Fresh fruit, cheese, and bread
  • Birthday cake: If it’s a picnic birthday party
  • Traditional picnic foods: Rotisserie chicken, finger food, and a sandwich per person
  • Barbecue: Bbq ribs and patties will be the crowd favorite

These are some of the picnic recipes you should consider when making the perfect picnic menu for your outdoor events. Choose one or two things from our list, but don’t bring too much, or it will just go to waste. In conclusion, also think about the type of food you bring, like ice cream that might be tasty but will melt even before you get to your picnic spot.

picnic food

What to Bring on a Picnic Party for Adults?

We have the best picnic party ideas adults love to take part in, and here are some of the things you shouldn’t forget when organizing a picnic party in the park. Here are the musts of every themed picnic party:

  • Boho picnic: Picnic basket, blanket, string lights, earthly-toned decoration, and utensils
  • Picnic in a national park: Camping seating and games, pastimes, and activities
  • Dinner party: Food and drinks, extra seating
  • Backyard picnic: Barbecue!
  • Indoor picnic party: Everything that screams outdoor picnics, like basket, blanket, sandwiches, and games
  • Oriental picnic party: no chairs, only aesthetic blankets, and oriental utensils
  • Garden party: Wine, light food, and a picnic basket with a blanket
  • Pool party or beach day: Beachwear and gear, blanket, sunscreen, light food

What could I add to my picnic party?

If this still isn’t enough, here are some of the extras you didn’t think about. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning an indoor picnic party or a backyard dinner party. Here are the additions:

  • Powerbank
  • Coolers
  • Condiments
  • Fork, knives, spoons, and glasses
  • Corkscrew and bottle opener
  • Thrash bags
  • Thermos bottles
  • Cutting boards
  • First aid
romantic picnic with wine

Picnic Party Ideas Adults Love – Conclusion

We hope our short take on why, where, and how to organize a picnic party and our picnic party ideas adults love helped you decide where to plan your next birthday picnic in the park. We hope you’ve used our ideas in organizing the best picnic party, theme, and decoration there is! Next time, make sure you’ve planned everything and prepared the essentials.