A Guide to Choosing the Best Non Perishable Food for Camping

If you spend time outdoors overnight you probably eat meals in the outdoors as well. When it comes to camp cooking, some food items are better than others. The best non perishable food for camping includes canned goods, dried fruits and vegetables, and grains.

Non-perishable foods are food items that have a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. Non-perishable foods are helpful when camping because they can be stored for extended periods without spoiling.

Benefits of Eating Non-perishable Foods on Camping Trips

Eating non perishable foods on camping trips has many benefits. Their packaging, cost, and long shelf life are convenient for hiking and camping. The many available items help to create versatile meals with reduced risk of food spoilage while creating less waste overall.

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Non perishable foods don’t require refrigeration which means you don’t have to worry about keeping them on ice during your camping trip. This makes it easy to pack and transport your food. It also gives you the freedom to choose your camping location and flexibility on the duration of your stay.


Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet on your camping trip with non-perishable food items. They can help create a variety of dishes from simple snacks to complex meals.


The best non perishable food for camping can be purchased in bulk making it very cost effective. Because these items have long shelf lives, they can easily and affordably be purchased in multiple quantities. Non perishable food items are less expensive than perishable foods.

Reduced Risk of Food Spoilage

Nonperishable foods are less likely to spoil than perishable foods. This is due to their low water content which makes them less susceptible to bacteria growth. While camping, you don’t want to open a food item only to find that it is spoiled. Depending on the remoteness of your campsite, you’d find yourself out of luck! Sticking with non-perishable foods reduces this risk.


Less Waste

Due to their low risk of spoilage, it’s easy to save leftover food in proper containers. This provides less overall waste and helps you save money in the long run.

Tips for choosing the best non-perishable foods for camping

When choosing the best non-perishable foods for camping, you’ll want to consider nutrient makeup, cooking tools, and ingredients you might want to avoid. Here are five tips for your next pre-camping shopping trip.

Choose Nutrient-Rich Foods

When you’re camping, you’re often resting up before or after doing incredible outdoor activities. It’s important to fuel your mind and body with the proper nutrients.

Meat and potato combo

Nutrient-dense foods contain vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients while being low in saturated fat, sugars, and sodium. Look for fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low and non-fat dairy, nuts, lean meat and poultry.

Limit Processed Foods

Processed foods are high in sugar, salt, and fat. This is why it’s best to limit processed foods.

These foods might make us feel sick due to overeating. Processed foods lack fiber which can constipate us over time and make us feel like we’re still hungry even though we’ve eaten plenty of food. Additionally, too much sugar, salt, and fat on a regular basis can lead to health problems down the line.

Consider Your Cooking Setup

What you can bring depends on how you can prepare it. The best nonperishable food for camping tastes best when cooked! Having the meals to prepare a hot meal can enhance your camping experience.

Camping Cooking Setup

It’s also important to consider utensils. Items such as can openers, long spoons/ladles, and general cookware need to be considered when writing your grocery list.

Read the Label

The best part of nonperishable foods is that they are shelf-sable and last for years. Before adding something from your pantry to your camping food bag, check the expiration date.

It’s also beneficial to read the label for its nutritional information. Knowing exactly what nutrients you’ll be receiving on your camping trip should help you plan your trip with your health and well-being in mind.

Pack Properly

Be sure to pack your food in airtight containers to keep it fresh and prevent pests from getting into your eats! If you’re transporting canned goods, be aware of the cans, and don’t choose any with dents, rust, or swelling.

Camping food preparation

Store your non perishable food in a cool dry place. A shady spot, either natural or created, is a great place to store food items when camping. Any fresh food items should be stored in a cooler with ice.

List of the Best Non-perishable Foods for Camping

The best non perishable foods for camping can be used for many different meals, have a good nutrient base, and taste great! Here are some of the best shelf-stable items to bring camping.

  • Canned goods including fruits, vegetables, meats, soups, and beans
  • Dried meats (jerky), fruits, and vegetables
  • Grains, such as KAMUI Mixed Rice, various kinds of pasta, oats, and quinoa
  • Breads, wraps and crackers
  • Canned milk and juice
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Energy and protein bars
  • Your favorite condiments, including salt, pepper, sugar, spices, and sauces

Use these items to make chili, sandwiches, fun macaroni and cheese combinations, and camp charcuterie boards. These are all great options that allow for creativity and enhancements with each camping trip you take!

Non Perishable Food for Camping Ideas

Combine these non-perishable camping food ideas for a tasty camping meal at breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


  • Oatmeal with nuts and dried fruits
  • Cereal with canned milk
  • Bagels with peanut butter and jelly
  • Protein shake in water or canned milk
Two women eating bread outdoors


  • Wraps with canned tuna or chicken
  • Cheese and crackers with dried fruits
  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with dried fruit, granola, or nuts
  • Protein bar with dried fruits and meats
Wraps with chicken


  • Pasta with canned sauce
  • Canned soup or chili
  • Canned meat and vegetables with KAMUI Mixed Rice
  • Ramen noodles with canned chicken
Pasta with canned sauce - non perishable food for camping

Add to the flavor of your meals with a variety of spices and sauces that are also shelf-stable. You can completely alter the flavor of a dish with the spices and sauces used.

Tips for Preparing and Cooking Non-perishable Foods on Camping Trips

Bring a Camp Stove or Dutch Oven

For easy cooking at camp, a camp stove or Dutch oven is a must-have. This will help you heat soups and chili, prepare grains such as rice and pasta, and rehydrate vegetables and dried meats.

Containers of Potable Water

Having containers for potable water is essential, especially if a clean water supply is not readily available.

Pre-portion to Save on Space, Time, and Waste!

Place items in reusable containers and bags. Only bring the portions you need which will save you time at camp and lessen the amount of waste.

Pack Canned Goods with Pop-top Lids

If you have cans without the pop-top lids, be sure to pack a can opener in your kitchen supplies.

Use Dry Mixes for Soups, Stews, and Pancakes

These dry mixes are some of the best non perishable food for camping. Consider adding them to your packing list to make cooking easier. They’re shelf-stable, don’t take up a lot of space, and are easy to prepare!

Bring a Variety of Spices

No one wants to eat bland food! Bring a variety of spices along for the trip and enjoy flavorful food with every meal.

spices - non perishable food for camping


Packing and preparing non perishable foods on camping trips is convenient and cost-effective. The versatility of options combined with the low risk of food spoilage makes non-perishable food the perfect option for camping and backpacking.

As long as you are prepared with the proper tools and equipment, you can make a variety of nutritious and delicious camping meals with non-perishable food items. We encourage you to utilize some of our tips and create your very own camp meal traditions on your next camping trip! Share your favorite camping meals made of shelf-stable ingredients in the comments section.

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