Tips And Tricks For Going Camping With Your Pets

Camping trips are meant to be enjoyed with those that you care about, but who ever said that the ones you care about have to be exclusively human? Over the course of this guide, we are going to be talking about how you can enjoy your camping trip with your canine friend or even a cat that is used to the outdoors.

While camping with a pet may seem simple enough, you must keep in mind that it is not the same as simply bringing your furry friend to the park. There are safety concerns for you as well as for your pet when you bring them along when you are camping, so you may want to pay close attention to the following paragraphs.

Choose Your Campground Wisely

The most important consideration to make before you decide to set off on your camping trip with your beloved pet is whether or not it will even be allowed into the campground. Many campgrounds are off-limits to pets because of potentially destructive behavior towards the environment as well as other concerns.

Pets Not Allowed

Take a look at the national parks and campgrounds that are nearby and then check their websites or give them a call to see whether they can glamorously accommodate your dog on a camping trip. Once you have found a suitable campground, you are ready to move on to the next matter.

Train Your Pet Before Going Camping

Before you take your dog or cat with you to go camping, you will have to give them a few basic lessons. This will be nearly impossible with cats, but some are more open to commands than others, however rare that may be.

You will want to be able to call your dog back to you, get them to lie down, remain in place, and a few other basic commands that will be useful for their safety. Many things in the forest can end up distracting your pet, and some can even cause them to bolt off on you in search of the source of a smell or a sound.

Train Your Dog

If you want to ensure that your pet will be safe over the course of your trip, there are few better options than training them sufficiently. Another advantage of this training is that you will be able to use the commands at home. This will make your pet more obedient and easier to live with.

Bring Your Pet For A Checkup Before You Go

If your dog hasn’t been to the vet for a regular checkup anytime in the recent past, there is no better time than just before your camping trip. The last thing you would want is for your pet to suffer a health crisis while you are out in the woods, separated from the nearest vet by miles.

Bringing your pet to the vet will also help ensure that your dog is not harassed by any fleas or ticks, as their medication can be checked by the veterinarian. Some vets will also stock the medical supplies that you may wish to bring with you when you are taking your pet camping.

Dog At Vet

It is crucial to bring a pet first aid kit in case your furry friend ends up suffering an accident while you are camping. This first aid kit will allow you to treat your pet before bringing them to a vet, which can be quite far off from a campsite, as we mentioned previously.

This vet visit will also give you an opportunity to purchase flea repellent and other items of convenience for your dog, to ensure that it won’t have to deal with troubles in the wilderness. You should care for your dog on a camping trip in the same way that you would care for yourself.

Bring Food And Water For Your Dog

The last thing you will want to forget when you take your pet camping is sufficient food and water for both of you. Bring a good combination of both canned and dry dog food, which will allow you to cater to your dog’s needs in the moment. You will also have to bring a decent amount of bottled water for them.

In addition to their standard food and some water, you may wish to bring treats for your pet so that you can congratulate them on a job well done on their first camping trip. If you want to reinforce good behavior, or if you simply need a way to get your pet’s attention at times, there are few better options at your disposal than treats.

Food For Pets on Vecation

Of course, with any pet, you will also have to bring bowls for them. Don’t forget to pack a small food bowl and a small water bowl for your pet. Remember that your pet will need food and water just as much as you will, and you will need to return home as soon as you run out of it, so it is always better to pack more than less.

Bring Poop Bags!

This is an aspect that many irresponsible pet owners forget about and it is often the reason why pets are not allowed at some campsites. If you are a dog owner and you don’t pick up after your pet when it does its business, you should be ashamed of yourself, as that is one of the core aspects of being a good owner.

Respect the environment in which you find yourself. If you wouldn’t leave garbage lying around your campsite, you shouldn’t leave your dog’s poop there either. Bring more bags than you anticipate needing (just in case), and bring a method of disposing of them, even a portable trash can will do for the duration of your camping trip.


We hope that we have been able to help you prepare for your upcoming pet camping trip. Stay safe in the great outdoors and have fun with your faithful companion!