10 Rules Of Camping Etiquette

10 Rules Of Camping Etiquette

They’re the unspoken rules that all campers go by which help to make it the enjoyable experience that it is, so what is the camping etiquette that you should be aware of? No matter if you’re completely new to the hobby or have been doing it for years, there are some camping rules that will make your journey more pleasurable and ensure that you’re respectful to others around you.

We’ve compiled a few of the spoken rules about camping, and those that are unspoken, so you can be sure you’re doing it right and respectfully. With this camping ruleset, you’ll have the best time possible and teach your kids and others how to do it right so it can continue to be enjoyed for centuries to come.

#1: Give Campers Space

When you arrive at a campsite and are looking for the perfect place to set up, try not to go too close to another campsite. People often come camping to escape and relax, so the last thing they want is another family set up right next door when they can’t get any space.

Tents on a camping site.

#2: Limit Your Noise

This rule is not only at night time but at all hours of the day. Whether you’ve just arrived and are setting up, trying to chop down firewood or sing campfire songs, you should keep a check on your volume levels. If you’ve brought kids along, try to ensure they don’t cause too much of a ruckus that could upset anyone chose by.

#3: Don’t Leave A Trace

The Leave No Trace policy has been around for many years, and it’s a great policy to look at if you’re new to camping or need to brush up on the rules. This policy asks that campers and visitors to the wilderness leave everything exactly as they found it which includes leaving behind no mess, not chopping down trees, and having as little impact as possible on the environment while camping.

#4: Respect The Wildlife

In addition to being respectful to your camping neighbors, you also need to keep the local wildlife in mind. Before you head off, check for information on the area to see what types of animals you can expect so that you can be prepared. Don’t leave behind mess or food scraps, keep noise at a minimum, and teach your children not to approach or touch any insects or animals they might come across.

#5: Care For Your Pets

If you’re a family that likes to take your dog camping with you, there are a whole new set of camping rules to adhere to. Dogs can cause a mess, agitate the wildlife, and make a lot of noise, so you need to be giving them your constant attention. Always clean up after your dog if they go to the toilet and keep them close by at all times so you can keep a check on them.

Dog in a blanket while camping.

#6: Be Friendly

This one might sound simple enough but it can make or break a fellow camper's experience if you aren’t behaving politely. If you see someone else camping take the time to say hello to them and stop to chat. Just one simple gesture can help to create a community feeling at the camping grounds, and you never know when you might need to help each other out when you’re out in the wilderness.

#7: Respect Quiet Hours

When you visit a popular camping ground it’s common that there will be quiet hours in place. These can be found in the communal areas and are usually from 10 pm to 7 am but it can differ depending on where you are. If there are no signs that indicate quiet hours but you still have other campers in your vicinity, you should stick to these hours anyway to ensure that you don’t cause a disruption.

Not only is it important to be quiet throughout the night, but some people like to sleep in when they’re camping so don’t make too much noise in the early morning either.

#8: Don’t Wash Your Dishes In The Bathroom

If you’re on a camping ground with shared amenities, you need to be respectful of how you use them and the other campers who might also want them. One huge problem in shared camping grounds is people using the bathroom to wash dishes, so this is an especially big no-no that needs careful consideration. If there’s no kitchen facility, fill up some water and do your own dishes at your campsite so that you don’t bother anyone else.

#9: Don’t Walk Through Other Camper’s Areas

Too many people do this without thinking, but it’s a sign of disrespect that can quickly annoy your fellow campers. When you’re walking around the camping grounds, keep a close eye on the boundaries set up by other tents and sites and stay well away from them. You might think it’s harmless to walk in front of someone’s tent, but this is their personal space and home, and you wouldn’t just walk in a neighbor’s yard without their permission.

#10: Leave Extra Wood

If you’re ready to head home and still have some firewood left, you can leave it behind near a fire pit for the next lot of campers. However, be careful not to dump it somewhere without care, and if you’re at a location where there aren’t any other campers then take it home with you. Small measures like this could make a huge difference to the next visitors of the camping ground.

Pile of wood for camping.

One of the best things about camping is the community spirit and shared respect that campers have for each other and the environment. Following these rules and keeping a respectful manner at all times for people and nature will ensure that this tradition is enjoyed for many more years to come in America.

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