Guide To Outdoor Waterproof Blankets

Guide To Outdoor Waterproof Blankets

We can plan as much as we like, but there’s nothing we can do about bad weather conditions when we’re in the great outdoors. Whether you had a picnic at the beach that day or were planning a week-long camping trip, sudden rain and other wet conditions can put a serious dampener on them.

Waterproof materials are nothing new, and dating back to their early military use, they’ve always been a convenient way to protect from the weather. This convenience is now something that campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts can benefit from as well, mainly in the form of a compact waterproof blanket.

We’re going to find out more about these small but powerful accessories and their many uses, showing just how versatile they can be. With a smart way to protect against the weather, you’ll be able to save many canceled camping trips and picnic that otherwise might have failed due to a bit of rain.

What Are Waterproof Blankets?

Red Waterproof Blanket

When you think of a standard blanket it’s usually been designed to keep you warm, and you can lay it down or wrap it around something for extra comfort. While these types of blankets are certainly cozy, they don’t offer any practical protection from the elements, mainly wind and water that are present when you go outside.

A waterproof blanket is designed a little differently, thanks to the material it’s made from which gives you added protection. Rather than being made from a soft fleece or other fabric, it’s constructed with durable and waterproof materials like nylon with a PU coating. This material is both durable and comfortable, so you’re getting protection but also somewhere soft to sit or lay on if needed.

When Do They Come In Handy?

If you try to think of all of the times that a waterproof blanket would have come in handy throughout your life, you’ll get an idea of its many uses. Here are some times when you might want to take along a pocket tarp to help you out.

  • Camping: The most common place to use your tarp, helpful for all aspects of camping and setting up your site
  • Fishing: Somewhere comfortable to sit that keeps you protected from the damp shore or riverside
  • Picnics and BBQs: A pocket tarp is ideal to use as a waterproof picnic blanket or at barbecues where you need somewhere to set up your space
  • Sporting events: Avoid getting wet as you watch your favorite team play outdoors and have an ideal spot to sit right next to the action
  • Beach: Keep the sand out of your food and clothing with a waterproof beach blanket to sit on

How Can You Use Your Waterproof Outdoor Blanket When Camping?

Woman Wrapping Herself With Waterproof Blanket

The most obvious place where people take their waterproof blanket is camping, due to its versatility and compactness. Here are just some ways that you might get some use out of this multipurpose piece of equipment the next time you head off on an outdoor adventure.

  • Lay it down on the bottom of your tent to protect your gear and sleeping pad from the damp conditions on the floor
  • Cover up any holes in your tent or gear by draping it over the top
  • Take it out when fishing or relaxing for somewhere comfortable and dry to sit on
  • Wrap it around yourself and family for added warmth and protection from wind and rain
  • Keep your gear protected when hiking or heading to the campsite in wet weather

Benefits Of Packing A Pocket Waterproof Blanket

Most clever campers understand how important these compact but convenient pieces of gear are. If you’re yet to add a pocket tarp to your camping checklist or don’t have one in your car or backpack, these are some of the benefits you’re missing out on.

  • Lightweight and portable - These pocket tarps are virtually weightless and they fold up into a small size that could literally fit in your pocket. This is good news for campers or people who want to minimize their load when traveling
  • Added storage - Search for a pocket blanket that comes with pockets or compartments stitched into the design. This allows you to store smaller accessories that you want to keep close by without fear of losing them
  • Versatility - Having one waterproof blanket will cover you for so many scenarios and they’re usually big enough for a few people to enjoy at once. You can protect the floor of your tent, the roof of it, set up a picnic on it, wrap up your gear, or give some extra warmth in colder conditions
  • Durability - Look for a pocket tarp made from strong materials like nylon and PU, just as you’d find with military grade styles. This durability will not only protect from the rain but also from the general wear and tear that comes with camping

A Versatile Life Saver When You’re Outdoors

Laying In Hammock With Waterproof Blanket

The waterproof blanket is one of those truly versatile accessories that could be used for just about anything and doesn’t always have to be just a good piece of camping equipment. Having one ready in your camping bag or stored in your car means that when bad weather pops up, it doesn’t mean all of your good planning has to go to waste.

Choosing a quality waterproof blanket that will actually protect from the weather and be compact enough to carry around wherever you go is one of the keys. This is one piece of gear that you’ll rely on heavily in outdoor settings, so you don’t want to put your trust in something inferior when you need reliability.

Rain and bad weather conditions are half of the fun of camping and going into the unexpected, but that doesn’t mean we have to suffer from wet clothes and damp sleeping conditions. Investing in a compact pocket tarp or waterproof blanket is your insurance against bad weather, leaving you to enjoy the natural conditions of the great outdoors.

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