8 Fool-Proof Ways on How to Keep Sleeping Bag on Pad

Everyone hates slipping off of a sleeping pad while camping. It’s annoying, as well as bad for your health, especially in winter temperatures where you get hypothermia quickly.

We found the best ways on how to keep sleeping bag on pad so you can enjoy every camping trip. You will need to try all of these options since the usability of each tip depends on the materials of the sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

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How to Keep Sleeping Bag on Pad

#1: Using Velcro

For this option, you will need a long roll of velcro. At first, it might feel weird, but you will get used to it quickly. Be sure to clean the sleeping pad and bag from any dirt and dust so the velcro can stick easily to them.

After a quick cleaning, apply velcro on the sleeping pad and sleeping bag. The velcro sides should stick to each other and keep your sleeping bag on the pad. 

#2: Applying Grip Tape

Clean your sleeping pad from any debris, dirt, or dust and apply grip tape on the sleeping pad. This can be grip tape that you can find online. With this quick and easy hack, you will make your slipping problem go away in a matter of seconds.

Cut strips of grip tape and place them on the shoulder and hip areas of your sleeping bag and sleeping pad. This is a temporary make-do to secure your sleeping bag on a sleeping pad. Also, the great thing is that you can store your sleeping pad the same way as before.

#3: Apply Silicone Sealant

This method should make your sleeping bag stay on the pad while doing nothing to compromise the size and weight of both pieces of camping gear. Unlike the velcro strap, the sealant will be less visible. 

To make this method work, first, you need to buy silicone sealant, clean your sleeping bag, and finally apply several small dots or lines of the sealant. Apply these to the side of the sleeping bag that comes in contact with the sleeping pad, focus on the hip and back area. This method should give more grip to your sleeping bag.

#4: Use Duct Tape

This on-the-go method might work, but it is not the best or long-term solution. Since duct tape is a must for every camper or hiker, you can easily find all the supplies you need. Tape your sleeping bag to the sleeping pad. It is not the best and not at all a permanent solution, but it will offer you a way to sleep with zero sliping.

#5: Buy Wide Sleeping Pad

Some people don’t like to experiment and want a fast and reliable solution. If you are one of these people, buying a wider sleeping pad will do the trick. This method will work since you will have more place to move around.

Not only does it stop your bag from slipping off, but it also makes your camping trip much more enjoyable. Also, if you are sleeping with someone in a tent and both of you have a wide sleeping pad, it will be almost impossible to slip off.

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#6: Use Non-slip Mat

Your sleeping bag will most likely slip because of the outer material of your sleeping pad. Most sleeping pads are made of materials that are not resistant to slipping. That is why you should make sure to buy a sleeping pad that has no-slip properties. Foam mats are a great solution because they offer a non-smooth sleeping surface that will not let you slip off.

#7: Deflate Pad

If your pad is too inflated, it’s easier for you to slide off of it. Don’t deflate it too much, so you lose all the comfort. This is a quick and easy fix.


#8: Make a Gear Fence

Another solution on the go that makes a significant difference on uneven terrain is constructing a fence from your gear. This gear could be an extra sweater, backpack, or anything that you have near you.

To make it work, you need to create a barrier between you and the sides of the tent. This little bump will stop you from rolling off the sleeping pad onto the cold ground. The gear fence method is the best on steep and uneven terrain and if paired with other methods.


It is essential to stay on your sleeping pad because it insulates you from the cold ground. All you need to do is experiment a little and find one that suits you the best. We hope that this article helped you learn how to keep a sleeping bag on a pad.

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