Do You Put Sleeping Pad Inside Sleeping Bag: How to Use Yours Like a Pro

If you love adventure and sleeping outdoors, you must be familiar with sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Do you put a sleeping pad inside sleeping bag, or do you use them separately

In this article, we will explain whether you can and should use your sleeping pad and sleeping bag inside one another. Read on to know which factors are key in deciding, pros, cons, and recommended use of this technique.

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Can You Put a Sleeping Pad Inside a Sleeping Bag?

The answer is yes; you can put your sleeping pad inside a sleeping bag. But this is not the right way to use a sleeping pad. Sleeping pads are designed to be placed underneath a sleeping bag.

This is because their purpose is to insulate you from the cold temperature of the ground. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when deciding where to place and which model of sleeping pad:

How Big is Your Sleeping Pad?

Most sleeping pads are broad, to provide maximum comfort and room to move around. A standard sleeping pad will not fit inside your sleeping bag.

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What Surface are You Going to be Sleeping On?

Sleeping pads are used to insulate you from the cold temperature of the ground. It is crucial to place them underneath the bag if sleeping on the floor. If not, putting them inside one another will reduce the mat’s insulation abilities.

Before thinking of where your sleeping pad should be placed, ensure you have answers to these two questions.

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Are There Any Advantages to Putting Your Sleeping Pad Inside the Sleeping Bag?

Now you know that sleeping pads for side sleepers can be placed inside a sleeping bag. You are not supposed to use them that way. After learning this, you must have several questions. 

First, why do people put their sleeping pads in sleeping bags? 
Second, are there any benefits to using your sleeping platform or pad in that way?

Let’s look at some of the possible reasons people place their sleeping pads inside their bags.

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Increased Stability

Some people feel that their sleeping pad moves around a lot when placed underneath their bags. They prefer placing it inside their sleeping bags. These sleeping pads are not wide enough to provide them the room to toss and turn when sleeping. 

Suitable for Hammocks

If you are sleeping in a hammock, it might be a challenge to keep your sleeping pad in place. This is why many people prefer to put their sleeping pads inside their sleeping bags while hammocking. It ensures that the mat stays in place and doesn’t get scrunched up.

Those were a few reasons people may want to place their sleeping pads inside their sleeping bags. With the right sleeping pad, you won’t have these problems.

Do You Put Sleeping Pad Inside Sleeping Bag: Pros and Cons

Putting your sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag has its pros and cons, here is what we have learned so far. 

The pros of putting your sleeping pad inside your sleeping bag include: 

  • No pad movement
  • Suitable for hammocks 

The cons of inserting your sleeping mat in your bag are: 

  • Less insulation
  • Less comfortable
  • Your back is directly on the sleeping pad
  • Pads aren’t designed for this
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This article addressed the crucial points you need to know about sleeping pads. Pick a sleeping pad that provides you and your family optimal comfort and an enhanced sleeping experience. For a restful night’s sleep on your next outdoor adventure, try the KAMUI self-inflating sleeping pad. 

We hope this article helped you figure out: “Do you put sleeping pad inside sleeping bag?” before heading to your next outdoor trip..

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