KAMUI vs Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad

Outdoor enthusiasts today have many brands to choose from when looking for gear. Here at KAMUI, we work diligently to provide quality camping gear for the whole family. So the question is: KAMUI vs. Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad, which one has the features you’re looking for?

Sleeping pads are an essential aspect of any camping trip. We’re comparing the KAMUI self-inflating sleeping pad to the Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad. The goal is to help you decide on which option is best for you. 

KAMUI Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Features

  • Very Comfortable
  • Good Size (for a 5’10” Adult)
  • 4-Season R-value
  • Quick Inflating
  • Quiet While Inflating
  • Connects to Other Sleeping Pads
  • Choice of Color (Green & Blue)
  • Storage & Compression Sack
  • Stacks Up
KAMUI self inflating sleeping pad

Who is this Sleeping Pad Best For?

The KAMUI self-inflating sleeping pad is best for individuals and families who plan to use this sleeping pad while car camping. It would also be an excellent purchase for someone looking to have an extra mattress to have for themselves or their children while traveling. 

The buttons allow the KAMUI sleeping pads to stack on top of one another, creating various sleeping arrangements to enhance your camping experience. Since these sleeping pads are stackable, it’s important to note that the KAMUI Sleeping pad might also be the best option for a side sleeper.

KAMUI sleeping pads in tent

KAMUI Sleeping Pad Review

The KAMUI Self Inflating Sleeping pads are designed with both car and family camping in mind. It is comfortable, convenient, and durable. The sleeping pad will inflate to 2” thickness on its own upon opening the air valve. While it inflates, you’ll hear a soft whistle from the suction of the valve. You can expect the sleeping pad to be 1-2 breaths away from total capacity in under 15 minutes or when the soft whistle stops. If you’ve never used a self-inflating sleeping pad before, you need to know that it’s incredibly convenient and requires little to no work on the user’s end. You can check out how a self-inflating sleeping pad works here.

The whole pad is 75.6” x 22.6” and has a 4-season R-value. The pad’s coverage and 5.7 R-value rating provide users with sturdy insulation from the ground. This sleeping pad’s core is made of high rebound foam wrapped in tough 190T polyester fabric. This provides stability while you and your family are sleeping as well as long-term durability. 

Another remarkable feature of this sleeping pad is connecting, both horizontally and vertically, to other sleeping pads. The buttons along the length of the pad can connect horizontally. That creates a large sleeping space with no gaps. One can also stack pads vertically to increase R-value and overall comfort levels.

connected KAMUI sleeping pads

The KAMUI sleeping pad weighs 3.5 lbs and rolls up into a 25” x 7.5” bag The stuff sack and three compression bands come with your purchase. Although a 3.5-pound sleeping pad set up that only packs into a 25” x 7.5” stuff sack would not be ideal for backpacking, this sleeping pad was initially designed for car and family camping. It is one of the best car camping mattresses for families. It won’t take up too much space while packed up in your car. However, it unrolls and inflates to provide comfort for the whole group. Your KAMUI Self-inflating sleeping pad is ideal for car camping but is likely too bulky to take on a backpacking trip. 

Rolling your sleeping pad up for storage is quite easy as well. Once you twist the air valve to the open position, you roll the sleeping pad up. Start at the end across the air valve and use your body weight to push the air out. Once you have the pad rolled up, use the compression straps to help get the pad into its carrying sack. This might be a difficult task for young children or millenials.

What Are Users Saying about the KAMUI Sleeping Pad

Out of 313 reviews on the review index, KAMUI receives an overall score of 8.3 out of 10. Customers agree that the KAMUI self-inflating sleeping pad is comfortable, easy to use, and great for travel. Users have also expressed how impressed they have been with KAMUI customer service. You can read recent KAMUI sleeping pad reviews, on the review index for more specifics.  

The biggest complaint that the KAMUI Sleeping pad receives are situations where dogs run or walk over their owner’s sleeping pad and puncturing it. Although this is considered more of a user error issue, KAMUI has phenomenal customer service and tries to do its best. They may just create a dog-proof self-inflating sleeping pad to keep up with their customer’s needs!

KAMUI sleeping pad in stuff bag

Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad Set features

  • Comfortable
  • Narrow and Short
  • 3-Season R-value
  • Loud to Move on
  • Storage Sack
  • Connects to Other Sleeping Pads
  • Includes a Camp Pillow
  • Stacks Up
Ryno tuff self inflating sleeping pad

Who is this Sleeping Pad Best For?

The Ryno Tuff Sleeping pad is adapted for individuals whose priority is quick and easy insulation from the ground while camping. It can inflate to 1.5” thick with manual breaths. However, it was designed to provide insulation over comfort.

This sleeping pad is also ideal for someone looking to make the most of their dollar because the Ryno Tuff Sleeping pad comes with a matching camp pillow. That might be a great option for people looking to add to their camping gear without spending too much money.

Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad Set Review

The Ryno Tuff sleeping pad set was designed for bike and car camping, backpacking, and trekking. The sleeping pad was intended to minimally self-inflate when you open the valve. It is only designed to provide insulation, but if you’re looking for the pad to reach its full 1.5” thickness, you will have to add manual breaths. Despite the additional work, it is comfortable to lay on, but it is not as thick as the KAMUI Sleeping pad. 

With an R-value of 4 and 74” x 24” dimensions, the Ryno Tuff sleeping pad is less insulated and smaller than the KAMUI sleeping pad. An R-value of 4 is great for three-season camping, and the smaller dimensions should work well for smaller adults and children. A large adult may find the sizes of the Ryno Tuff a bit too small for through-the-night comfort. With that being said, these smaller dimensions mean this sleeping pad will roll up to be smaller than the KAMUI sleeping pad. 

Like the KAMUI pad, the Ryno Tuff also has clasps for connecting sleeping pads and larger sleeping areas of more insulated sleeping spaces. In addition to this, the Ryno Tuff comes with a packable camp pillow. The pillow is soft and comfortable to use after you blow it up. The Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad is quite comfortable as far as cushioning and warmth are concerned. As you reposition yourself throughout the night, you may find that it is noisier than its competitors. If you are a solid sleeper, the crinkling noise may not bother you. 

The Ryno Tuff sleeping pad weighs 3.9 lbs and 4.5 lbs with the pillow. Both items roll up into a 12.5” x 7.5” stuff sack, which is smaller than the KAMUI stuff sack. The Ryno Tuff sleeping pad will take up less space while you’re packing, but it is over 4 pounds. Due to its size and weight, this sleeping pad isn’t ideal for backpacking. 

In addition to this, if you purchase a sleeping pad through Ryno Tuff, the company will plant a tree through the National Forest Foundation. There’s nothing an outdoor enthusiast appreciates more than preserving the beauty of our natural spaces. What better way to do that than to plant more trees?

What are users saying about the Ryno Tuff sleeping pad?

Ryno Tuff has earned a score of 7.6 out of 10 from 240 reviewers on the review index. Most customers agree that the sleeping pad and pillow are comfortable and that it rolls up to be compact despite being self-inflating. Read more Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad Reviews for specifics on ease of use, build quality, and customer service.

KAMUI vs Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad, Which One Should I Buy?

The answer to this question may differ based on what you value in your camping gear. If you want a comfortable self-inflating sleeping pad that comes with a pillow, then the Ryno Tuff is likely the better buy for you.

The KAMUI self-inflating sleeping pad is durable, more comfortable, and fully inflates on its own. It is an excellent purchase for someone looking to improve their sleep comfort while camping; it has a 4-season R-value and the ability to stack and connect to other sleeping pads for a great price!

This means that there is no unified answer to the question: Which one should I buy – KAMUI vs. Ryno Tuff sleeping pad? KAMUI brought you the specifications, but the choice depends on your preference, style of camping, and needs.

ryno tuff vs kamui sleeping pad


Ryno Tuff Sleeping Pad set
KAMUI Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

KAMUI Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

  • Connectable with multiple sleeping pads
  • 4-season sleeping pad
  • Provides great back support
  • Comes with a storage bag
KAMUI Self-inflating Sleeping Pad Green with Blue variation