The Best Sleeping Pad For Car Camping

The Best Sleeping Pad For Car Camping

When you hear the term ‘car camping’ your mind might instantly jump to an image of someone sleeping in their vehicle. Although this is a possibility for the great outdoors, car camping refers to taking your car to the campsite rather than hiking there or traveling another way.

There are many benefits to car camping with the most obvious one being all this extra space that you have to take gear. However, there’s a fine line between packing the essentials and bringing way too much stuff, but having the best sleeping pad for car camping is always going to be considered a must-have.

The best car camping sleeping arrangement is whatever makes you comfortable, but regardless of whether you like to stare up at the night sky or protect yourself with a tent, you’ll need a sleeping pad to make it work. We’ve found the important items you’ll need for car camping and how to get your pad set up at the campsite to ensure you have a luxurious rest every night.

What To Bring Car Camping

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Car camping is a favorite for many people because it gives them luxuries that other types of camping just don’t come with. Mainly, the convenience of having a vehicle should anything go wrong, but more importantly the chance to fill your car with all of your gear and not have to travel lightly carrying it on your back.

Although you can take quite a bit more, that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. There are some things that are essentials for car camping and others that are optional, so keep these in mind when you’re planning your trip.

  • Shelter and sleeping supplies: Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, hammock, camp chairs, etc.
  • Emergency and health: Emergency repair supplies, emergency blanket, compass, map, band-aids, medicine etc.
  • Food supplies: All food and water rations, kitchen gear for preparing food
  • Hygiene and personal items: Portable shower, deodorant, cell phone, toothbrush
  • Clothing: Clothing items for all types of weather you may encounter, hats, sunglasses, protection

Where And How To Set Up Your Sleeping Pad

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When you get to the campsite, the first thing you usually do is start scoping out the best place to set up camp. Depending on how you’re going to be sleeping, you’ll need to find the ideal position to lay your sleeping pad and ensure you get quality rest. Follow these tips for setting up a sleeping pad the right way:

  • Opt for a self-inflating sleeping pad ​as much as possible. This will be easier to carry because they’re lightweight and also mean less work for you as they can inflate themselves. All you have to do is find the right place to put it and it will do the rest
  • Look for flat ground when you arrive, and if possible, try to find something that has good shade. A large tree is ideal as this will keep you cool during the day and prevent your tent or pad from heating up too much
  • Lay down a tarp or waterproof blanket underneath your sleeping pad before you set it up. This will help prevent any moisture from reaching it and give you an extra layer of insulation when the weather is cold
  • Connect two sleeping pads together to give yourself more room to spread out or turn it into a double suitable for two people. Look for a brand that has a connector in the middle so you can do this without creating a space

The Importance Of A Good Sleeping Pad

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Sleep is one of the most important functions that we do as humans, and when you’re out in the wilderness you need your strength. Getting a good night sleep every night when you’re camping means you’ll be ready for the next day and full of energy to tackle anything that comes your way.

Finding a good sleeping ​pad is essential then, and there are some things you can look for to ensure it’s the right fit. Whether your car camping or hiking, you’ll want one like the Kamui Sleeping Pad that can offer all of this:

  • Comfort: A rating of R-5 means the sleeping pad is thick enough to give your entire body support and will feel just like your mattress at home
  • Portability: The sleeping pad comes with a compression bag and is lightweight enough to carry or place in your car
  • Heavy duty: Regardless of the weather, this sleeping pad is made from tough 190T polyester fabric and filled with durable foam
  • Convenient: A self-inflating sleeping pad means less work for you and a sleeping base that will inflate itself in mere seconds

A Quality Sleep Even In The Outdoors

For fans of car camping, there really is no better way to enjoy the wilderness. Having the space and storage of your car, as well as the added convenience, is a luxury that many people prefer when they’re planning a camping trip, and there’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of luxury.

Sleeping pads are a must-have these days and even if you’re not car camping, they’re now made incredibly lightweight so you can carry them easily. Having the best lightweight sleeping pad at your disposal means that no matter where you go or the condition of the weather, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable rest every time.

A sleeping pad works in so many different setups regardless of how you like to organize your campsite. You can sleep with on the ground, in your tent, in a hammock, and even in the back of your car if you want to enjoy the literal definition of car camping. This one little accessory can have a huge impact on your comfort and support, so never leave home without it.

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