How Does A Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Work?

How Does A Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad Work?

For some people, the mere thought of camping gives them ideas about uncomfortable sleep or laying on the hard, cold ground and trying to get some rest. While this might have been true for some, the invention of the sleeping pad was a miracle for those who wanted a better way to sleep when they were enjoying their favorite pastime in the outdoors.

Sleeping pads were a revolution in the world of camping, and the self-inflating sleeping pad was even more impressive. If you’re yet to experience one of these amazing accessories and are still suffering on the cold, hard ground as you’ve done for years, you probably want to know more about how they can completely change the way you camp.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about the self-inflating sleeping pad, including how it works at automatically blowing itself up for your convenience and comfort. As a must-have piece of camping gear these days, most campers are already aware of its benefits, but for those who aren’t there’s so much to learn.

What Is A Self Inflating Sleeping Pad?

Self Inflating Pad On Ground

In traditional camping setups, people would lay down their sleeping bag inside their tent and try to drift off. The obvious outcome to this was a rock-hard surface that made it near impossible to find comfort on, plus the chill of the ground coming straight through your bag and into your body as you’re trying to rest.

The sleeping pad is a simple but ingenious design, offering a buffer between yourself and the hard ground. Just like an inflatable camping mattress, this pad is comfortable and soft so that you feel as though you’re laying on your own luxurious bed at home, giving you the rest you so sorely need when you’re out camping and exploring the land.

A self-inflating sleeping pad takes this ingenious design one step further, with inbuilt mechanisms that actually cause it to inflate itself automatically. This means no huffing and puffing trying to blow it up, and a much easier way to carry your comfortable bed around than lugging a huge mattress wherever you go.

How Do They Work?

The convenience of having a self-inflating mattress when you’re camping can’t be beaten, but how exactly do they work? One second you have a tightly compacted and lightweight material stored in a bag, and when it’s time you can instantly expand it to a full-size mat that fits underneath your sleeping bag for comfort.

This is all achieved thanks to the special foam that’s used in the mat. This type of mat has open cells which means when you roll it up tight and keep it in its storage bag, they will compress completely. When you unroll it out you expand this layer of foam and opening the valve to let the air in allows the air to fill up these cells of foam.

Once the mat has been blown up completely, you close the valve to prevent any further air from getting inside of it. When blown up all the way, your mat will be at its ultimate firmness, and this is the recommended leave for the self-inflating variety.

What Materials Are Used In A Self Inflating Mattress?

Strong And Durable Nylon

There are no two mattresses made alike, but most will come with two standard materials that give your self inflate pad comfort, a lightweight feel, and durability for harsher outdoor conditions.

  • Foam - The foam insulation used in the pad will dictate the firmness and comfort levels you’ll achieve with this mattress. Look for something with a thicker and high rebound foam that will react well to your body and not feel stiff
  • Outer material - A highly durable outer material is used for these pads, and usually something like polyester fabric that is easy to keep clean as well. You’ll need strength to keep it protected against the outdoor conditions and being used with body weight overnight for long periods

The Benefits Of A Self Inflating Sleep Pad

You’ve probably noticed a surge of campers using sleeping pads these days, with the really smart ones getting a self-inflating variety. These are just some of the benefits that you’ll get when you make the switch, making camping a whole lot more enjoyable from now on.

  • Portability - It’s far easier to carry a lightweight, deflated air mattress around when it’s compacted, and even more so when it comes with a handy storage bag and compression straps
  • Convenience - Not having to blow up your air mattress while you’re setting up camp is an obvious bonus and a convenience that all campers need
  • Comfort - Adding a sleeping pad to your setup will not only give you a comfortable layer that feels just like your bed at home, but it’ll protect you from the cold and damp conditions of the ground
  • Size - Camping is about packing light and taking the essentials. When these mattresses are deflated, they take up barely any room at all and save space for the important stuff

A Must Have For Campers Who Want Comfort

Rolled Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

We all have our essentials list when it comes to camping, and sometimes you find a revolutionary piece of gear that changes the way you do things for good. Self-inflating camping beds are this product, and they give a level of comfort that many people thought just wasn’t possible when you spend the night in a tent outdoors.

A self-inflating sleeping pad comes with so many advantages that make it the perfect accessory for camping, like its convenience, comfort factor, and portability. All of these benefits mean it’s easy to take along wherever you go, so it’s definitely something you want to add to your essential camping gear list.