Our Favorite 10 Freeze Dried Backpacking Food Recipes

You don’t know what to eat on your next adventure? Get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other because today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of freeze-dried backpacking food recipes. 

These recipes aren’t just about fueling your body; they’re about satisfying your cravings. We believe these flavors will have you thinking you’re dining at a five-star restaurant you will just be under the stars. So, let’s explore these freeze-dried backpacking food recipes. 

5 delicious freeze-dried backpacking food recipes

So, what are we throwing into your backpacking culinary repertoire? Well, prepare for an array of ideas, turbocharged intros, and lavish descriptions that’ll make you want to lick your phone screen. That’s how delicious these are going to be.

1. Breakfast Oatmeal Bliss

Who doesn’t love oatmeal or granola for their breakfast, especially if they are camping or backpacking or maybe even both? This recipe will give you energy in the morning, especially after a long and cold night in your tent.

All you have to do is gather your favorite freeze-dry-friendly fruits. These can be strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or anything else you might like, like apples or pears. Once you have your vegetables, add oatmeal or make it granola or any other breakfast carb.

When you wake up to the wilderness, add hot water or milk to your oats and fruit blend. Finally, a morning with no fuss! In just a few moments, you’ll have a nutritious and tasty breakfast.

2. Mango Chicken Curry

If you want to enjoy the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia while hiking or camping and can imagine your trailhead or summit full of flavor, then this is the recipe for you.

Now, what does this recipe ask for? Make sure you have enough chicken breast, vegetables, and spice blend, as well as some mango and heavy cream as a topping. Once you finish preparing the curry, add it to your freeze-drying machine, or use your preferred technique and prepare it for your backpacking trip by placing it in Ziploc or other bags.

Once it is placed in a bag and ready for eating on your camping or backpacking trip, just add hot water, and in 10 minutes, your meal will be ready. You’ll have a steaming bowl of curry that is both satisfying and filling.

3. Hearty Backpacker’s Delight

Now, if you want a real delight, try this recipe for freeze dried backpacking food. You will have to add your own ingredients. First, choose a meat of your choice. It can be beef, chicken, or turkey. Once you add that, also add a preferred carbohydrate. These can be rice, pasta, or beans. I know you can see already that this meal is going to be hearty and perfect for you.

Yes, it is that easy to make a meal you will enjoy while backpacking! To do so, combine the meat and selected carbs and freeze-dry them in the technique you prefer. Once you are outdoors, add boiling water to your mixture in the pouch and allow the meal to rehydrate by itself. In just a few minutes, you will have a protein-packed meal that will power you throughout your outdoor adventure.

4. Backpacker’s Minestrone

If Italy’s on your bucket list, but you’re miles away, fear not—our Backpacker’s Minestrone will bring “la dolce vita” to your campsite. Imagine savoring this steaming delight while gazing at a majestic mountain range. 

What does this recipe call for? Sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, and freeze-dried veggies are a must-have. Make sure to spread them out evenly in your freeze dryer or dehydrator. After a few hours, you will have the perfect Minestrone to try. Once you are out and about, just add water and buon appétit! This is Italy in a pouch, and it’s bound to elevate your backpacking adventure to new heights.

5. Trail Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? I sure don’t know anyone. And that is why this easy recipe is a must-know for any backpacker. It is that easy, trust us. Picture this: you’re perched on a rocky outcrop at 6,000 feet, and you unveil a pouch filled with a delightful mix of your beloved freeze-dried veggies and seasoned beef or turkey. 

It might sound awful if you’re hungry since you are craving tacos now. But here’s the kicker: add hot water, and voilà, you’ve got a high-altitude fiesta in your mouth! Now, how can you prepare them? Make the taco filling alone, freeze-dry it, and it is ready to go. Once outdoors, add water and place filling in shells, and voila: Your meal is prepped. These tacos are the zest without the fuss, turning your trail experience into a culinary adventure. 

5 vegetarian dehydrated meal recipes you need to try

Explore the world of delectable vegetarian dehydrated meal recipes that are perfect for adventurers seeking nourishing and flavorful options on their outdoor escapades. These five dishes will elevate your camping culinary game to new heights, so stay tuned. 

1. Mushroom Risotto

Now, let’s get onto the vegetarian dehydrated meal recipes we can recommend. First up is our mushroom risotto, which is easy and delicious at the same time. To ensure you have a gourmet meal, add our Dehydrated Freeze-Dried Japanese Gomoku Mixed Rice, which is already freeze-dried for you. 

Choose an earthy mushroom that is easy to cook, which you can also forage from the forest. Add your rice into a pot or add water to the pouch, and once it is ready, add your mushrooms or fry them up on the side. 

Dehydrated Freeze-Dried Japanese Gomoku Mixed Rice is a perfect meal when camping and backpacking. It is a dish that is quickly prepared and can even be used at home. 

2. Dehydrated Veggies

An easily dehydrated and vegan backpacking recipe is dehydrated vegetables. You can use them on the grill or as a side dish to any other meal that perfectly rounds up your dinner or lunch. Now, how can you make it? Make sure you add an easily dehydrated type of vegetable like squash, carrots, onions, potatoes, and anything else you might have in your cupboard. 

To prepare, add boiling water and wait a few minutes for the meal to rehydrate. No fuss, no mess – it’s the ideal solution for busy adventurers. The same even goes for fruit, so you can make a fruit salad while camping. For this recipe, use strawberries, apples, pears, and peaches.

3. Quinoa Black Bean Bowl 

Another quality and delicious meal is a quinoa black bean bowl. This is a vegetarian recipe that you can use if you want a protein-packed meal. You will enjoy both the quinoa and the black beans, but if you ask us, adding bell peppers and zesty spices will tie the whole meal together. It’s a perfect addition to your backpacking adventure. 

Make sure to thoroughly mix the quinoa, black beans, peppers, and spices before dehydrating your meal. Do so for around seven hours, and that is how you will get the best results. Once you want to eat this meal, add hot water to your mixture, and in only a few minutes, you will have a true celebration in your mouth, which will also give you enough sustenance to run wild.

4. Asian Veggie Stir-fry

Why settle for the mundane when you can transform your campsite into an Asian bistro? Embrace the adventure and prepare for a flavor-packed explosion. For this recipe, you will need freeze-dried veggies, including bell peppers, carrots, and snap peas. Don’t forget to bring along some noodles to complete the experience. 

To make this Asian-inspired stir-fry, start by rehydrating your freeze-dried veggies and noodles with hot water. Let them soak up the liquid for around 10 minutes. 

If you really want the Asian experience (this is optional), you can heat a skillet over your campfire or portable stove, add a touch of oil, and toss in the rehydrated veggies and noodles. Stir-fry them until they’re ready. Now, you’ve got a fragrant, veggie-packed dish, perfect for camping and even backpacking. 

5. Freeze-dried Smoothie Bowl

Who says you can’t enjoy Instagram-worthy breakfasts on the trail? Now, this is a trail-approved masterpiece that’s also camera-ready. For this recipe, you will need a stash of freeze-dried bananas, mango, and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Keep them safe and dry in a trusty Ziploc bag. When the beauty of nature surrounds you, it’s time to work your culinary magic.

Add water to your dry ingredients and give them a good stir. Let them sit for 10 to 20 minutes. No heat is needed. Once done, know that these are transformed simple ingredients, and you still have a gourmet delight. It’s a meal (or ideally breakfast) that’s as fabulous as it is delicious, and your taste buds and followers will thank you for it.

Is freeze-dried food good for backpacking?

Yes, freeze-dried food is a backpacker’s best friend, and it is a delicious way to get some nutrients while out and about. Why does everyone recommend it? It’s lightweight, compact, and retains its nutritional value. Plus, the flavors are surprisingly delightful, ensuring you won’t compromise on taste just by adding water.

How long does freeze-dried backpacking food last?

Freeze-dried backpacking food can last long, even for years, in some cases. This is due to the specialized way of freezing it. Thanks to the removal of moisture, it’s incredibly shelf-stable. Of course, there are some things you need to know. Just be sure to store it in a cool, dry place.

Is freeze-dried camping food good?

Yes, freeze-dried camping food is good. It is like having a gourmet chef in your backpack. These meals are designed to please your taste buds. What most people love is that the rehydration process is a breeze. That even goes in the great outdoors! This is the way you can guarantee yourself delicious, hot meals even when you’re far from civilization. 


There you have it. Those were our top picks for freeze-dried backpacking food recipes, which are sure to delight adventurers of all kinds. And we love them too ourselves, making them almost every month. 

It doesn’t matter what meal you are choosing, you are sure to be full after your hike. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re conquering the rugged trails of the Rockies or simply having a backyard campout with friends. One thing is certain: you’ll be fully satisfied! 

These recipes offer a perfect blend of nourishment and flavor. With them, you will have the energy you need to conquer the day’s adventures. Still, it’s not always about the food. Remember, the great outdoors is about creating memorable moments, forging connections with nature, and sharing stories around the campfire.

  • Made with 100% Japanese rice
  • Authentic taste of Japanese cuisine
  • Tasty freeze-dried meal
  • Add hot water. Ready in 15 minutes
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