Tips For A Successful Summer Camping Trip

If you’re looking for a fun way to spend your summer, why not give summer camping a try? Out of all the seasons, you could attempt a camping trip, the summertime is the way to go. Since the summer season is closing in on us, then it’ll be the perfect time for you to go camping.

Those who have never been on a camping trip before should know that you need to take extra steps to prepare for what’s to come. A camping trip can be a walk around the park if you get everything set up beforehand.

You don’t have to worry about figuring out what you have to pack because we have provided all the necessary information below. Continue reading to find out how to have a sage yet adventurous summer camping trip.

What To Pay Attention To While On Summer Camping Trip

You won’t run into any problems during your camping trip if you come prepared.

Before you go on your summer camping trip, you should equip yourself with information relevant to the area you’ll be camping in. More specifically, you should prepare yourself for the environment that you’re about to engage in.

Summer camping with a tent

First and foremost, your safety during the camping trip should be your priority. Prior to leaving for your adventure, you should begin with checking out the weather forecast. If it looks like there is only going to be sunshine, then you’re good to go. However, if any severe storms are expected in the area you’ll be camping in, then it would be wise for you to postpone.

If slight rain appears to be on the forecast, you can still go on your trip. All you have to keep in mind is that with rain flooding can occur. By finding out which areas are more prone to flooding during rain, you will know exactly which areas you can set up your tent in.

Experienced campers also recommended that you bring a weather radio along with you so that you can be alerted of any incoming storms.

Additionally, you want to avoid camping in areas that have a fire warning posted. It only takes one campfire to take down a whole forest.

After you truly understand the environment you’ll be living in for a couple of days during your summer camping trip; you can move on to learn about other camping tips.

Water Supply

Since it’ll be summertime, you’ll be sweating a lot throughout this endeavor. Other than packing breathable clothing to absorb the sweat, you need to replenish your body with water. The last thing you want on your camping trip is to dehydrate yourself to the point that you get sick.

We recommend you drink one liter of water every hour. This might seem excessive at first, but when you think about it, you’ll be outside all day under the scorching sun. Even though you might not feel dehydrated, you should continue to drink water.

If you’re going camping for a couple of days, you might run out of water. There is only so much water you and your friends can carry, so it’s always wise to come up with a plan B. Equipping yourself with a water purifier is always a great backup plan.

Those camping near a river or lake will find that they can drink the water only if you pack a water purifier in your backpack. You can also drink the water you find if you boil it in the pots you bring along with you.

What About Sun Protection?

To prevent putting your skin in harm’s way, you should lather on sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30 constantly throughout your summer camping trip. In fact, applying it every four hours will suffice.

Those planning on spending time in the water will have to reapply sunscreen more frequently than just every four hours. This is because the water around you reflects UV rays, which means that your skin ends up being exposed to an even higher amount of UV rays than if you were sitting outside all day.

Sum cream

The optimal way to ensure protection from the sun is to sit in the shade and to hydrate yourself. You can keep your water bottles cool for longer time frames by wrapping them in tin foil.

When you combine sunscreen with sitting in the shade, you can rest assured that you have more than enough protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


First timers will figure out the hard way that bugs are going to be your number one enemy during a free camping trip. Out of all the bugs that could cause you any trouble, mosquitos will become a hassle. However, there are steps you can take to prevent having to encounter mosquitos.

For instance, you should avoid setting up bright white lights since mosquitoes are drawn to that specific light source. A better choice would be orange lighting since mosquitoes don’t find it alluring.

Other than switching the lighting, you should also use bug spray. Make sure to apply the bug spray when you wake up and before you go to sleep.


Just because you’re going on a camping trip doesn’t mean that you have to live as if you’ve been deserted on a faraway island. Your backpack should be large enough that you can fit a bottle of shampoo and some soap, which is all you need to keep yourself clean.

Outdoor soap

Even though your body might be clean, your clothes won’t be unless you clean them as well. You can readily keep your clothes clean by bringing with you a scrubbing board and a bar of laundry soap. Remember also to bring a clothespin, so you have the means to hang the clothes so they dry.


Your summertime camping trip can be a pleasant experience even in spring or fall, if you adhere to all the tips we have provided above. Even those who are experienced campers might have learned a thing or two with the information we have presented above.

If you have any further question related to summer camping, you should feel free to leave them in the comments section below. We are making it our priority to provide the answers you need.