10 Tips For An Easy And Comfortable Sleep At Your Campsite

10 Tips For An Easy And Comfortable Sleep At Your Campsite

One thing that turns people off from camping is the thought that they’re going to have an uncomfortable sleep, and so they choose to stay home in the comfort of their own bed. However, any seasoned camper will be able to tell you that some of the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had was in the great outdoors, provided you know some tips for camping comfortably and in all conditions.

#1: Use A Sleeping Pad

On their own, tents are particularly uncomfortable and the mere thought of setting one up can put most people off camping altogether. 

By using a quality inflatable sleeping pad you can give yourself a cushy and luxurious base to rest on so it feels just like your bed at home, and this is the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent. 

Best of all, because it’s inflatable, you won’t even notice it in your backpack since it packs away so lightly and easily.

#2: Test Run Your Tent

Father and son sitting on Kamui sleeping pad

If you’ve never experienced sleeping in a tent or have just purchased yourself a new one, it’s also best to try it out at home before you head off camping. Set up the tent in your backyard and see what you might need to modify or bring along for comfort so that you don’t make the realization when you’re miles from home and in need of a good sleep.

#3: Keep The Ground Covered

Even though most styles of tents come with a ground cover, it’s best to invest in another to keep you protected. A good ground cover can double as a tarp if you decide to go off for an impromptu picnic or a day at the beach, but when you’re camping it can mean the difference between comfort and torture. Having a ground cover can keep moisture out and insects away, so it’s one small investment you can’t be without.

#4: Bring Your Own Pillow

There’s nothing quite like having your own pillow to up the comfort stakes, and even when we stay at luxurious hotels we can’t help but think how much we miss those from our own bed. The simple addition of your pillow can have a huge impact on how well you sleep, and because they’re so lightweight they’re easily packed away for the trip.

#5: Keep Bugs At Bay

Even if there aren’t any bugs in your tent, the thought of some crawling in there can be enough to scare some sleepers. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to keep the mosquitoes and other insects away so you can get a restful sleep. Light a citronella lamp outside your tent, use a low irritant bug spray on your skin and keep your tent covered with an insect screen for added protection.

Man using a bug spray.

#6: Choose the Right Size Tent

One of the biggest mistakes people make when camping is to not measure up their tent’s dimensions before they purchase it. You need to ensure you choose a tent that suits your own dimensions so that you don’t end up squashed. Tents come in so many different sizes and for various fits, so do your research before you jump in and choose one.

#7: Don’t Overdress

Especially when you’re out camping in the cold weather, you can be tempted to put on layers and layers of clothing before you go to bed. The result is an uncomfortable sleep that results in your eventually stripping some clothes away in the middle of the night and finally falling asleep. Dress one layer down than what you think you’ll need, as you will find that the body warmth in your tent is enough to keep you toasty.

#8: Get Active Before Bed

If you’re someone who has problems falling asleep in strange places, a little bit of activity before bed can be just what you need to help relax. Go for a short stroll around the campgrounds to release any tension you might have and you’ll find it easier to relax when you lay your head down on the pillow when you’re camping at night.

#9: Avoid Alcohol

One of the biggest mistakes people make when camping is to rely on alcohol to help them unwind. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol before bed might help you to fall asleep quicker, but it will result in broken sleep throughout the night and not allow you to get into the deep, restorative sleep that you need. Keep your limit to one to two standard drinks to ensure that it doesn’t affect your sleep while camping.

#10: Repeat Your Routines

Our bodies are very intuitive and know when we’re doing something a little out of the ordinary, which is why it’s hard for us to fall asleep in a new place. The best way to counteract this is to trick your mind and body by doing your usual night time routines at your campsite. Brush your teeth, read a book, do whatever you usually do at home and you’ll find it easy to drift off with comfort.

Woman reading in a tent.

With a few minor tweaks to your camping setup and some small preparation, you can give yourself the best sleep of your life when you get into the great outdoors. With the fresh air and sounds of nature around you, it won’t take long to drift off and get a restorative sleep in your tent when you have these tips to follow. Best of all, you’ll have all the energy you need to tackle the fun activities you have planned the next day.

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