How To Camp With Children

Camping is one of the best ways to ensure that you can have a fun time and get in touch with your surroundings. If you live in the city, going out on a camping trip is a great way to reorient yourself and get your bearings. Sometimes you just have to spend time away from civilization to appreciate the natural world.

Aside from providing relaxation and room to think, you will find that camping can be quite a bit of fun. In fact, it is so much fun that you will often want to share in that enjoyment with your friends and family. Of all the family members you can bring with you, you will find that it is highly enjoyable to bring your children with you.

Happy family camping in tent

Camping with kids can be a highly rewarding experience. You will find that teaching your kids the skills to survive in the wilderness can be a great bonding experience. There are few things which can match the feeling of imparting knowledge and wisdom to your children, especially when camping.

We will now move on to our list of tips for camping with kids, including some of the ways you can ensure that you remain safe, what to bring camping with kids, and some activities to make camping more enjoyable for your young ones.


One of the most important parts of ensuring that a camping trip will be successful is to plan it out thoroughly and appropriately. This goes double for when you are kid camping, as they will need more preparation. One of the best ways you can ensure that your child is prepared for camping is to do a practice run in your backyard.

A practice run is exactly what it sounds like; you can set your tent up in your backyard and act as if you are out in the wilderness. This way, you can get some idea of how your child will react when you go out and camp in the woods. It will also let you know if you are missing anything crucial in your equipment packs.

That brings us to another part of the preparation process, which consists of ensuring that you have all of the equipment that you will need. Make sure you get the camping gear that is of appropriate size for each child. You may wish to purchase a child tent or a family tent, depending on your preferred way to sleep.

Chindren gathered around a camping fire

If your children are on the younger side, we would recommend investing in a family tent to ensure that they are close to you for the duration of the trip. If you feel like they are responsible enough for a more genuine camping experience, you can always opt for a children’s tent so they can get a taste of more serious camping .

Before going out into the wild, you will want to ensure that you have a talk with your children about all of the potential hazards of camping. This talk should cover subjects like avoiding potentially poisonous berry bushes and staying away from wild animals which could possibly injure them.

What To Bring

You need to ensure that you bring enough equipment for your children when you are camping, but there are a few pieces of gear that you will have to bring along in particular. The first of these is enough pocket blankets for the entirety of your group.

Of course, you will also have to bring enough pads for your whole group as well. If they are individual sleeping pads, you will need one for each of your group members. If you have larger sleeping pads that can accommodate more than one person, you can bring fewer of them.

Campers with backpacks on their backs

The last thing we will be looking at are portable chairs. You may wish to bring along some portable camping chairs for your group. This will ensure that everyone is comfortable when sitting around the campfire. The last thing you will want to do while camping is sitting in the dirt.

Camping Activities For Kids

One other thing that you will have to do when you are camping with kids is to ensure that they have something to keep their attention out in the wilderness; otherwise, you may have a rough time. Depending on your children’s patience, you may have some difficulty keeping them comfortable.

Of course, one of the more traditional ways to have fun while camping is to cook food over the open flames. You may want to bring along frankfurters in a cooler, as well as sticks on which to cook them. If you are going to use sticks that you have found in the wild, ensure that they are entirely clean before using them as skewers.

Another thing that you can cook over an open flame is another bit of traditional camping fare that almost every child loves: s’mores. S’mores are made out of a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate sandwiched between two graham crackers, which makes for a delicious campfire snack.

Eating Smores

When your whole family is sitting around the campfire at night, you can also tell scary stories to pass the time. If your kids are easily impressionable, you may wish to partake in another activity as they may have trouble sleeping after one too many ghost stories. If not, be sure to stock up on plenty of stories online before going out into the wild.

You can also go hiking with your children, especially if there are trails specifically made for hiking which will ensure that you can always get back to your campsite with little difficulty.


There are plenty of ways to make sure that your luxury camping trip with your children goes as smoothly as possible. We hope that we have been able to help you prepare for your future trip over the course of this article. Thank you for reading and feel free to revisit us for any camping info you need.