How To Motivate Your Kids For Camping

Kids these days have a lot of forms of entertainment that we didn’t have when we were younger. There are countless of apps on their smartphones, video games, internet, electronics, and tech devices, and it seems that motivating them to get out into nature and enjoy something as rewarding as camping can feel like a chore.

Camping with kids is the best way to teach them about nature this hobby and it will hopefully instill a lifelong passion within them. However, before you can consider taking them into the wilderness you need some camping ideas for kids to get them motivated and keep them interested when they’re away from their beloved screens.

Thankfully, the great outdoors was made for children and they’ll quickly see just how great it can be. We’ve got some suggestions about camping activities for kids and how to approach the situation if you think you’re going to have a tough time getting them motivated. Once everyone is on board, camping will become a family tradition and something they’ll enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Don’t Rush Them

Packing for Camping

If there’s one thing that kids can’t stand, it’s being told what to do. more specifically, they hate being rushed and ordered to do things when they could easily do them at their own pace. This is an important thing to keep in mind with camping and if they’re feeling hurried, they could quickly lose interest.

Give them plenty of time to pack their own bags, choose their clothes, set up their tents, explore the area, and get into the fun of camping. With the freedom to do their own thing, they’ll be more likely to view camping as something enjoyable rather than a task that has a timeframe on it. This can be hard for parents to let go of, but it’ll pay off trying to get your kids motivated for camping.

Find Ways To Make The Outdoors Interesting

The wilderness is home to so many fun things that can keep the interest of children, so if you’re looking specifically at camping for kids, you will have a lot of options. Take some time to think about your kids’ interests and what activities you could do when camping that would really get them excited.

In addition to playing camping games for kids like scavenger hunts, knots or outdoor board games, you need to have a bunch of activities planned. You might find that your kid wants to go off on their own and explore, and if this suits them then let them go ahead provided it’s safe. Some kids prefer to make their own fun, and the outdoors is the perfect place to do it.

Other kids camping activities include fishing, swimming, kayaking, tree climbing, bug collecting, hiking, raft building, and just about anything that includes nature. Best of all, you don’t need much to have fun while camping because you’ve got the whole outdoors to keep you occupied and plenty of ways for kids to have fun.

Treat Camping As A Reward

Camping as a Reward

The quickest way to lose your children’s interest in anything is to treat it like a chore or something that they have to do. This logic also applies to things like helping with housework or eating their vegetables, so if you can turn it into something fun and rewarding then it will get them on board.

When it comes to camping, be careful about the way you speak about it and get them interested. Talk about it as a reward and let them know that if they behave, do their chores, finish homework, or whatever else you want them to do, they’ll be given a fun experience in the wilderness where you’ll take them camping.

As the camping trip approaches, you might want to do a countdown so they can get excited about it approaching. Make a checklist of things they can pack and some fun activities they might want to try, like fishing or kayaking. The more excitement you can drum up, the better it will be.

Keep Them Happy

We’re not saying that a camping trip should be all about keeping kids happy, even if it means the parents are not, but there are some things you can do to ensure they’re in the best mood. If you notice that your kid isn’t enjoying themselves, find out what’s wrong and do what you can to try and lift their spirits.

The easiest way to keep kids happy is by giving them some freedom and letting them explore camping for themselves. Let them have their own sleeping bag, tent, and supplies, or put them in charge of cooking the camp meal for that night. Any way that you can take control of their own camping adventure will make it that much more enjoyable.

A Lifelong Hobby They Will Love

Camping Games

Once your kid realizes just how great camping will be, you’ll have given them a lifelong hobby that they can treasure. As much as it’s important that our kids have fun and enjoy camping, it’s also crucial that you teach them the importance of respecting nature and leaving no trace behind when they head outdoors.

Start small with your camping trips and maybe plan for just one night away so they can see how much fun it is. By planning a few longer trips for the future you can let them get excited about it, and this will help to boost the anticipation.

Camping is one of the best activities that a family can do together and a great way to include your children in physical exercise and respect and love for nature. Once they realize how much fun they can have, it will be them begging you to go on another camping trip, and not the other way round.