Camping For Millennials Explained

Although it may not seem obvious, millennials are fuelling growth in camping in the United States.  Millennials enjoy the feeling of freedom that camping offers, as they realize the importance of making time for themselves to be happier and more productive.  Camping also gives millennials a way to break away from home and add variety to their life.

Millennials are also into enjoying an activity which is green and does not harm the environment.  This allows millennials to enjoy camping and mountain biking at the same time. Cycling keeps the environment clean and allows you to get to access more destinations quicker.

There are many spectacular bike trails you can use to go camping and will enhance the ultimate enjoyment of your trip.  If you are going to bike and camp, you should be prepared and make sure that you have the proper equipment.

What Are Common Bike Injuries?

You should be aware of some of the more common injuries before taking off on a bike camping trip.  By being prepared, you can lower the chances of experiencing situations which will ruin your trip.  The following is a list of injuries which you may experience after biking for an extended period.

With regards to muscle injuries, tendonitis is most common and can affect the Achilles or the knee area.  If you have the misfortune of being involved in a cycling accident or crash, a broken clavicle often results.  This requires immediate treatment and having cycling first aid kits to treat the wound is critical.  It can prevent infection from setting in and putting you in further peril.

Mountain biking

Other common injuries include saddle sores, lower back and neck pain.  Since you can expect to be biking for a long time on your camping trip, the constant impact from the ground can put a strain on your body.  Treating these injuries will prevent them from getting worse and putting a quick end to your trip.

Packing an appropriate mountain bike first aid kit on your trip ensures you will be able to address these injuries.  Since you will probably be quite a distance away from a medical facility, these items are essential.

Be Prepared For An Emergency

When on a mountain biking trip, you should be prepared for almost any type of emergency.  Whether it is a muscle injury from the exertion a crash or bike part failure, having a bike emergency kit handy can be a lifesaver.

This emergency kit should include items which can treat several different types of injuries.  This should consist of bandages, ointments, and other common first aid remedies.

Also, a road bike emergency kit should also be included which will permit you to repair your mountain bike in case it sustains damage.  You may want to add a couple of spare inner tubes for flat tires, grease for your chain and safety devices such as a flare.

It is important that you expect the unexpected and prepare for as many situations as possible.  When undertaking a bike camping trip, these items are vital to your safety.

Encouraging Millennials To Escape Technology

Arguably, the biggest hurdle for millennials to leave home and experience nature is to remove them from their dependence on modern day technology in camping.  For those who have not been away from their tech toys for an extended period, getting accustomed to this may be difficult.  This is where some quality camping equipment can come in handy to make the spring camping experience a lot easier and a lot more memorable.

In addition to camping basics such as a tent and stove, there are many campgrounds which include a range of outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding.  For those who want to remain connected, many campsites provide Wi-Fi connectivity which is a lure for millennials.

It is estimated that 75% of all millennial campers utilize social media on a daily basis to share their experiences.  In addition to the all essential Wi-Fi access, campgrounds are now featuring activities which provide a more relaxed approach to the outdoors.

Young people camping

Since not every millennial camper wants to build a fire from scratch, they can now experience the outdoors without having to learn new skills which may require a certain amount of technique and ingenuity.

Millennials are social creatures who thrive and have a strong desire to be around family and friends, whom they can enjoy and share in their experiences.  Campgrounds are now catering to this social experience activity which is being desired more and more by millennials.


With a desire to experience freedom, get out of the house and enjoy nature in a green way, more and more millennials are now enjoying camping.  As a result, many camping facilities have tailored their offerings to adequately serve the emerging millennial market by providing services such as Wi-Fi and a more leisurely approach to camping.

When embarking on a mountain bike camping trip, it is important that the proper cycling first aid kits are considered to make sure your trip is safe and pleasurable.  There are many injuries and damages to your bicycle which can occur when on such a trip and it is best to be safe instead of sorry.

By embracing camping and all that it offers, millennials are embracing a greener way of life which is good for their happiness and the planet.  Millennials understand that they have to unplug and get away from the daily grind to be more productive and content in their lives.

When in the great outdoors, it is important that you properly equip yourself and have the tools to treat any misfortunes which may arise.  A well thought out mountain bike first aid kit is the first step to that great camping trip.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this article, and we hope that your next camping and mountain biking excursion goes smoothly and safely.